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Dren Zhubi

is looking for a Restaurant in Chelsea, England, United Kingdom

40th birthday family gathering. I need recommendations for a relaxed, cosy restaurant.


Busaba Chelsea

Recommended by Brian and 1 others

Recommended by Brian DraggooRecommended by Mikki Draggoo
Brian Draggoo

Brian Draggoo said: Great casual Thai food with communal tables

Tom's Kitchen

Recommended by Meredith

Recommended by Meredith Lavergne
Meredith Lavergne

Meredith Lavergne said: Super cosy and delicious. There are a couple private rooms for parties too


Recommended by Salim

Recommended by Salim Hemdani


Recommended by Eva

Recommended by Eva Walker
Eva Walker

Eva Walker said: Italian food with a family style menu.

Big Easy, Kings Road Chelsea

Recommended by Brian

Recommended by Brian Draggoo
Brian Draggoo

Brian Draggoo said: For good BBQ in Cheksea


Mikki Draggoo Profile Image

Mikki Draggoo said "The Phoenix in Chelsea is great "

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