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Any good video games for beginner gamers


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Nonchalant Jordan

Oh how I remember my gamer days *Spyro is cute & easy. *Crash bandicoot is easy alot like Mario bros. *GTA *Hitman need skills but awesome...Depends on what u like hope it helped šŸ˜‰

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phoenix reborn

If you're a beginner and you think you'll like open world I suggest skyrim it's already a classic almost if you like fps you'll probably like call of duty, if you like puzzle games and are really patient or really good at them I highly recommend myst if you can find it I remember literal days wasted trying to finish it's a good mind twister, you like to rage play dark souls, if you want a fun rpg I suggest diablo

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Jaded Blade

If the gamer is still learning to read, I'd suggest any side scrolling game where the objective is fairly obvious. Platformers (spyro, crash, minecraft) are ok if they have some reading skills. If the gamer is older, I'd suggest something that doesn't require complicated motor skills (puzzle tactic or rpg games, skyrim, animal crossing)


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