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Jamie Hann

is looking for a Book

Best books to help learn to be more (socially) graceful and gracious?



Recommended by Meredith

Recommended by Meredith Lavergne
Meredith Lavergne

Meredith Lavergne said: Haven't read this one, but loved her book on 'Adulting'

When Breath Becomes Air

Recommended by Salim

Recommended by Salim Hemdani
Salim Hemdani

Salim Hemdani said: Ok so this is not a self help book but, it brings humility and grace to life.

A Warm Welcome

Recommended by Eva

Recommended by Eva Walker
Eva Walker

Eva Walker said: What better way to start then among family and friends.

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What are your favorite whodunnits?


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Are there any good psychological related books that you could recommend?


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