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Anna Meeks

is looking for a Place in Bellevue, Washington

I am looking for a public park with a paved trail in Bellevue. I roller skate so it needs to be decently smooth to skate on. Thanks!! 😁



Recommended by Cam

Recommended by Cam Nguyen
Cam Nguyen

Cam Nguyen said: Not exactly a park but the downtown and waterfront areas have paved roads to roller skate. They also have shops and cafes to browse and make pit stops.


Recommended by Cam

Recommended by Cam Nguyen
Cam Nguyen

Cam Nguyen said: Not in Bellevue but a great place to blade/skate. I used to roller blade here all the time.

Seward Park

Recommended by Eva

Recommended by Eva Walker
Eva Walker

Eva Walker said: It's not in Bellevue but not too far. Beautiful skate around Lake Washington

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