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Of The remaining 7 contestants on 'The Masked Singer' what are some of your guesses? I'll put my own guesses in coments so as not to spoil who's left.


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Lindsey Evans profile image

Lindsey Evans

Chris Daughtry, Adrienne Bailon, Victor Olapido, Wayne Brady, Michelle Williams. Tree & leopard have me stumped.

Vincent Marchildon profile image

Vincent Marchildon

• I think 'The Rottweiler' is definitely Chris Daughtry because of the clues and stuff. He's from North Carolina, platinum album . . . • The Leapord I think may be Seal or RuPaul. • Mr. Fox maybe Jamie Fox or Bruno Mars, idk. • The Flamingo may be Fantasia. It's fun guessing, but I'm not sure who some of the others are like Tree, Butterfly and Thingamajig.

Vincent Marchildon profile image

Vincent Marchildon

Those are really good guesses. I had to look up Adrienne and Victor because I didn't know who they were, but I'd say based on the clues you're probably right. So far thiis season I've only been able to guess 3 of the contestants, but that's with listening to the judges too. I got Laila Ali, Sherri Sheperd, Raven Symone and Patti LaBelle.


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