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Please help, I can't remember the name of a really good YA dystopian book! It was about a kid who moved to a big city after grandfather died. There he was picked up by some guy to be taken to an orphanage where he and a lot of other kids were taken care of but held captive by the lady director. The kid realized that some of the other children acted really strange sometimes and that when some of them were adopted they were never heard of again. 《SPOILER》The kids were being used as vessels for...


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Your ask cut off!

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《SPOILERS CONTINUED》The kids turned out to be "vessels" for old people to feel young again (as in the children would switch bodies with old people and the director of the orphanage made a lot of money from the procedure. ) Most of the children didn't remember the body swapping but the main character did becuase of rosemary scented soap. In the end they all safely made it out and went to live on the farm of the main character's grandfather.


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