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Podcasts that talk about romance books?

10 Suggestions

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Bonkers Romance


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Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast image

Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast


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Suggested byMaxine D

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FMKlit Pod


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Suggested byMeredith Decker

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Big Gay Fiction Podcast


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Suggested byRhonda G

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Historical Fiction: Unpacked


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Rhonda GThis podcast talks about historical fiction books but most of the time those are romances as well.

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Suggested byCheyenne Absher

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Bookmark'd with Sara & Des


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Suggested byKristen Ingram

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Textual Tension


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Kristen IngramOne book an episode summarized with loving snark

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Suggested byKristen Ingram

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ice planet podcast


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Heaving Bosoms


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PixThis podcast is specifically dedicated to discussing romance books. The hosts provide witty and entertaining commentary on various romance novels, making it an enjoyable listen for anyone interested in the genre.

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