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‘Stranger Things’ to Come in 2019

2018-12-11T10:51:13+00:00TV Shows|

Stranger Things fans, rejoice! Season 3 comes to Netflix in 2019, and a new teaser just dropped, revealing the episode titles. The Verge speculates that titles like 'The Mall Rats' and 'The Battle of Starcourt' "insinuate that we’ll catch our favorite preteens hanging out at the local mall, probably battling some kind of demonic [...]

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel!


Likewiser Guabilang recommends these movies, all of which have two things in common: One, they explore gender and sexuality in fascinating ways. And two, they're gorgeous and deeply satisfying to watch. Thanks Guabilang!

The Avengers Are 50% Back!


The trailer for the fourth Avengers movie, 'Avengers: Endgame,' just dropped and it looks AWESOME. Here's a quick reminder of where we left off: in 'Avengers: Infinity War,' Thanos wiped out half of mankind. Loki, Gamora, Heimdall, Vision - all gone. The Avengers left behind -- Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, and Iron [...]

LOL Podcasts


In addition to movie, TV, book, destination, and restaurant recommendations, Likewise now has podcasts for every sort of listener. If you're in need of comic relief, for example, check out our list of funny podcasts.

Topping Bookshelves Everywhere


Here they are, hundreds of books that met the NPR bar in 2018. And if that's too much, Likewise will simplify your life with our top five books. The Likewise list is not restricted to 2018 books, but a great read's a great read, no matter when you read it, right? And five [...]

She’s Coming for the Globes Again!

2018-12-06T15:26:58+00:00TV Shows|

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is back on Amazon, and funnier than ever, according to critics. The show has been nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Golden Globes again for 2019, after its 2018 win. Rachel Brosnahan reprises her award-winning role as a witty and wonderful woman  navigating the comedy dives of New [...]

Golden Globe Noms: ‘Vice’ Comes Out On Top


The 2019 Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and 'Vice' topped the list with six nods. The movie is about Dick Cheney (played by an unrecognizable Christian Bale). 'Vice' isn't even out yet, but you can catch it on Christmas Day if you're feeling particularly grinchy. Check out other much-nominated movies on Likewise. [...]