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Likewiser to Know: Sorelle Hardin

2019-03-26T18:38:23-07:00People, Places, Restaurants| Introducing Sorelle Hardin, the in-house marketing wiz for Wild Ginger and owner of popular blog Autumn Sorelle, where she writes about fashion, health, and travel. You can follow Sorelle’s amazing recommendations on the Likewise app. Want to know where this style guru shops, or where in Seattle to go if you want [...]

Likewiser to Know: Charles Koh

2019-03-20T15:12:01-07:00People, Places, Restaurants| Entrepreneur and Seattle influencer Charles Koh is a great Likewiser to follow if you love really, really good food. Charles, a talented photographer, creative director, and father is the founder of EatSeattle, so you know he’s a top-notch resource when it comes to food recommendations. From Seattle to Austin, New York to Hawaii, [...]

Meet Your New Best Friends: Carla Marie + Anthony + Likewise!

2019-03-13T08:13:40-07:00People, Podcasts|

Carla Marie and Anthony are living the dream. Their show, 'Carla Marie & Anthony,' runs like a start-up though they enjoy the backing of iHeartRadio. Their back-and-forth is up there with the repartee on the TV show 'Friends,' but they're not scripted. The two draw on a lifelong friendship to fuel great conversations [...]

5 Reasons to Celebrate International Women’s Day

2019-03-08T14:42:25-08:00Books, Movies|

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8. Here are 11 reasons why this day continues to be an important, positive event that's deserving of the support of every thinking individual. Great art by women is great art, period. To settle any possible doubt on that score, pick a book, any [...]

Behind the Influence: How One Cool Couple Makes Social Media Work for Them

2019-03-07T11:01:20-08:00People, Restaurants|

While studying Art and Photography at the University of Washington, Esteban Parreno caught sight of the woman who’d become his partner in business and in life. Any doubts on that score were settled over a four-hour date (the longest Esteban has ever spent at Chipotle). Together, Brynn and Esteban work on broadening their [...]

Likewiser to Know: Carla Marie

2019-03-05T15:08:50-08:00People, Podcasts, Restaurants|   We’re lucky to have such amazing people using the Likewise app. One of our ultra-talented users is Carla Marie, the radio host of Carla Marie & Anthony on KissFM Seattle. She’s queen bee 🐝 when it comes to podcasts; in addition to co-hosting MyDayFriday with her best friend Anthony, she’s [...]

Happily Oscar After


The 91st annual Academy Awards featured some interesting red-carpet choices, presenters so wonderful that the lack of a host wasn't an issue, performances of varying quality, and several upsets in the top award categories. We'll break it down here for you. Kevin Hart was originally supposed to host the Oscars, but the ghosts [...]

How to Live Like a Viking

2019-02-20T11:29:26-08:00Books, Movies, People, Places, TV Shows|

It’s all very well to say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade;” very few of us are Beyonce enough to actually squeeze the juice out of our misfortune. When misfortune struck Ian Sharpe in his professional life, compounding a feeling of doom wrought by the political climate in the United States and [...]

The Likewise Guide to Valentine’s Day

2019-02-06T11:42:50-08:00Books, Movies, Places, Restaurants, TV Shows|

Oh the places we'll go for the people we love! In the run-up to Valentine's day, the Likewise community shared their top romantic destinations. If it's too late to make it there by Valentine's day, maybe you can plan the trip to show them you care, or save it for an awesome future [...]