How to Live Like a Viking

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It’s all very well to say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade;” very few of us are Beyonce enough to actually squeeze the juice out of our misfortune. When misfortune struck Ian Sharpe in his professional life, compounding a feeling of doom wrought by the political climate in the United States and [...]

Celebrating Black History Month

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February is Black History Month, a great opportunity to focus on African American contributions to the American story, African American struggles, and the beauty, art, and talent of African American people. At Likewise, we've compiled watch lists of Award-Winning Movies, great books to read during Black History Month, and books especially for young [...]

Toward Justice

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The birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an opportunity to remember that "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." To that end, we recommend: Woke TV Shows  contributed by one of our brilliant users Movies That Pass the Bechdel Test, in which two women talk to [...]

Likewiser to Know: Bill Gates

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Bill Gates has been with Likewise right from the beginning, and he's a favorite on the app. Likewisers enjoy getting insight into what the inspirational tech and social entrepreneur likes to watch with his wife Melinda, who his favorite actor might be, and how he manages to endure long-haul flights. Warren Buffet has [...]

What We Liked Most in 2018: Top 6 Everything and More

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Likewise is where the good things live. Like our Top 6 most-recommended movies, shows, books, and podcasts. Check out the full list of Likewisers' favorite books of 2018. And these underrated movies. Likewisers enjoyed sharing their faves, like these podcasts recommended by Sorelle Hardin. Bill and Melinda Gates were the most-liked people on Likewise, and shared [...]

The Best of the Best Book Lists


It's that time of year - 'Best of' lists abound. There are more algorithms in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in anyone's philosophy, but to us at Likewise, the recommendations of friends have greater value than the opinions of editors, the star ratings of retailers, or human-free formulae. Likewisers Bill Gates [...]

Top Political Books of 2018


The top political books of 2018, according to the New York Times Bestseller List and NPR, are a contemporary history of 'How Democracies Die': through 'Fascism' 'Unhinged,' in 'Fire and Fury,' because of 'Fear' of 'Fascism' and 'Contempt' for 'A Higher Loyalty.' Let's hope things are 'Becoming' better as the New Year dawns! [...]