Likewiser to Know: Carla Marie

2019-03-05T15:08:50-08:00People, Podcasts, Restaurants|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilcJzwJoPi0   We’re lucky to have such amazing people using the Likewise app. One of our ultra-talented users is Carla Marie, the radio host of Carla Marie & Anthony on KissFM Seattle. She’s queen bee 🐝 when it comes to podcasts; in addition to co-hosting MyDayFriday with her best friend Anthony, she’s [...]

Toward Justice

2019-01-21T13:36:57-08:00Books, Movies, Podcasts, TV Shows|

The birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an opportunity to remember that "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." To that end, we recommend: Woke TV Shows  contributed by one of our brilliant users Movies That Pass the Bechdel Test, in which two women talk to [...]

Sips ‘n’ Snacks With Likewise

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The great recommendations on Likewise come from great users. We celebrated some of our power users at Seattle's chic Local 360, a sustainable eatery in the heart of Belltown, with Sips & Snacks. Influencers and their plus ones enjoyed kebabs, sliders, crostini, and beverages while mingling with each other and the Likewise team. [...]

What We Liked Most in 2018: Top 6 Everything and More

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Likewise is where the good things live. Like our Top 6 most-recommended movies, shows, books, and podcasts. Check out the full list of Likewisers' favorite books of 2018. And these underrated movies. Likewisers enjoyed sharing their faves, like these podcasts recommended by Sorelle Hardin. Bill and Melinda Gates were the most-liked people on Likewise, and shared [...]

Likewise Recommends: ‘The Readback’


'The Readback' is a smart but accessible podcast from Barron's, the Dow Jones publication. Host Alex Eule discusses topics like the future of the toy industry, the ways in which Wall Street uses data, and the investment mirage of Robin Hood. For more savvy pods, check out the PodWise list of Pods That [...]

Rated T for Teen: Pods for the Cool Kids


Podcasts are the trending way to pass the time on road trips, or to unwind while trying to fall asleep. This rich medium has much to offer, from pods that inspire critical thinking, like 'Serial,' to pods that keep you informed in a fun way, like 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me,' to pods that [...]

Ear Candy: Best Podcasts 2018


Check out the PodWise picks for 2018. There's something for everyone! Or you can go by the wisdom of the crowds and try these pods, which got the highest numbers of recommendations from the Likewise community.