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New on HBO and HBO Max June 2021 – Series, Shows and Movies

Likewise Spotlight 

HBO is back this June and better than ever! There are so many great new movies on HBO and new HBO shows for you to stream for a great summer. Make sure to check out the long awaited Jon Chu film, In the Heights, watch the entire Harry Potter series, and squeeze in the classic teen film Clueless

Below you will find what we are most excited about at Likewise this month. If you like what you see, be sure to save your favorite items in the free Likewise app, so you’ll never have to miss out on the content you love. 

Movies to Stream

In the Heights

The long-awaited In the Heights is out now on HBO! The release of this movie-adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical In the Heights was delayed for a year due to COVID-19, but is now streaming on HBO! The musical follows Usnavi, a bodega owner in Washington Heights, the hispanic community of Manhattan, and Nina, one of Usnavi’s childhood friends who has gone off to an elite college and returns home. The film’s themes of community and family are heart-warming and paired with Broadway style musical numbers that are sure to entertain. Make sure to check out this new movie on HBO.

The Aviator

The Aviator is a biographical drama directed by Martin Scorsese about Howard Hughes, one of the richest men of his time. Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is an aviation pioneer and filmmaker whose behavior becomes progressively more eccentric. The film received wide critical acclaim, with nominations for eleven Academy Awards, particularly for its technical excellence and emotional elements. The Aviator is new on HBO now! 

Harry Potter

All eight Harry Potter movies are now available on HBO! Hop into the fantastical world of Hogwarts with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley as they fight evil, grow up as students, and navigate a world of magic. You’ll definitely want to binge the entire film series this summer, so watching all of the movies on HBO will be a great option! 

Miss Congeniality

FBI Agent Grace Hart (played by Sandra Bullock) must transform into a beauty queen when a terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss United States pageant. Although she is upset over the prospect of being a “girly girl”, Hart obliges in an effort to save the pageant’s contestants. Make sure to check out Miss Congeniality now on HBO

The Pink Panther & The Pink Panther 2

Clumsy Inspector Jacques Clouseau (played by Steve Martin) must find out who murdered a famous soccer player and who stole the valuable Pink Panther diamond. Along the way, he works with police officer Gilbert Ponton (played by Jean Reno) and travels around the world. Additionally, the sequel The Pink Panther 2 is new on HBO this June too! 

National Lampoon’s Vacation 

Road trips and amusement parks are integral parts of American culture. In National Lampoon’s Vacation, Clark Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) attempts to bring his family on a road trip from their suburban Illinois home all the way to a California amusement park–what could go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a bit, but you’ll have to watch to find out exactly what happens. Check out National Lampoon’s Vacation on HBO


One of the best teen films of all time is now on HBO! Clueless is a movie about Cher Horowitz, a rich, popular, fun-loving teen who befriends the new girl at school, Tai. She takes on the task of transforming Tai into a popular cool girl while also navigating love and relationships in her school. This iconic teen film is new on HBO now! 

Want to know what to watch on HBO? Here’s everything coming to HBO in June 2021, and don’t forget to save the list in the Likewise app! Find these lists and your next favorite TV show or movie on our free mobile app. Get Likewise today!

Streaming June 1

  • A Shot In The Dark, 1964 (HBO)
  • The American President, 1995
  • The Aviator, 2004 (HBO)
  • Bangkok Dangerous, 2008 (HBO)
  • Black Rain, 1989 (HBO)
  • Bless The Child, 2000 (HBO)
  • The Bonfire of the Vanities, 1990
  • Camelot, 1967
  • Cold Case
  • The Conjuring 2, 2016
  • Curse Of The Pink Panther, 1983 (HBO)
  • Dirty Pretty Things, 2003 (HBO)
  • Disaster Movie, 2008 (Extended Version) (HBO)
  • Doctor Sleep, 2019 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)
  • Dr. Strangelove, 1964
  • Drillbit Taylor, 2008 (HBO)
  • Eight Men Out, 1988 (HBO)
  • El Cantante, 2007
  • El Nombre Del Hijo (Aka The Name Of The Son), 2019 (HBO)
  • El Remedio (Aka The Prescription), 2019 (HBO)
  • Extract, 2009 (HBO)
  • Eyes Wide Shut, 1999
  • Fast Company, 1979 (HBO)
  • Feast Of Love, 2007 (HBO)
  • The Green Mile, 1999
  • The Grifters, 1990 (HBO)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2002
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2005
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2007
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2009
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, 2010
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, 2011
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, 2005 (HBO)
  • How To Be Single, 2016 (HBO)
  • Humboldt County, 2008 (HBO)
  • Iris, 2001 (HBO)
  • It Takes Two, 1995 (HBO)
  • Jerry Maguire, 1996
  • Just Married, 2003 (HBO)
  • Kajillionaire, 2020 (HBO)
  • Kung Fu Hustle, 2005
  • Leapfrog: Math Adventure to the Moon, 2010
  • Leapfrog: Numbers Ahoy, 2011
  • Leapfrog: The Letter Factory, 2003
  • The Manhattan Project, 1986 (HBO)
  • Matchstick Men, 2003 (HBO)
  • Mindhunters, 2005 (HBO)
  • Miss Congeniality, 2000
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989
  • National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2: College @ Sea, 2013 (Extended Version) (HBO)
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1983
  • Orange County, 2002 (HBO)
  • Other People’s Money, 1991 (HBO)
  • Pale Rider, 1985
  • The Pink Panther, 1964 (HBO)
  • The Pink Panther, 2006 (HBO)
  • The Pink Panther 2, 2009 (HBO)
  • The Pink Panther Strikes Again, 1976 (HBO)
  • Presumed Innocent, 1990 (HBO)
  • Rat Race, 2001 (HBO)
  • Return Of The Pink Panther, 1975 (HBO)
  • Revenge Of The Pink Panther, 1978 (HBO)
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, 1991
  • Shazam!, 2019
  • Sherlock Holmes, 2009
  • Son Of The Pink Panther, 1993 (HBO)
  • Stoker, 2013 (HBO)
  • Take Me Home Tonight, 2011 (HBO)
  • This Is 40, 2012 (Extended Version) (HBO)
  • Three Days Of The Condor, 1975 (HBO)
  • Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 2005
  • Trail Of The Pink Panther, 1982 (HBO)
  • True Romance, 1993
  • Victor/Victoria, 1982
  • Wedding Crashers, 2005
  • The Wedding Singer, 1998
  • Without a Trace

Streaming June 2

  • To Your Eternity (Dubbed) (Crunchyroll Collection)

Streaming June 3

  • The Fungies!, Max Original Season 2A Premiere
  • Juan Luis Guerra 4.40: Entre Mar Y Palmeras (HBO)

Streaming June 4

  • Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
  • El Ultimo Balsero (Aka The Last Rafter), 2020 (HBO)

Streaming June 5

  • Clueless, 1995 (HBO)
  • Off the Air, Season 10

Streaming June 6

  • Rizzoli & Isles

Streaming June 8

  • Billy on the Street
  • Killerman, 2019 (HBO)

Streaming June 9

  • Young Hearts, 2020

Streaming June 10

  • F9: The Fast Saga: HBO First Look, (HBO)
  • Hacks, Max Original Season 1 Finale
  • Lazor Wulf, Season 2
  • Legendary, Max Original Season 2 Finale

Streaming June 11

  • Betty, Season 2 Premiere (HBO)
  • In the Heights

Streaming June 12

  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 2005 (HBO)

Streaming June 15

  • Revolution Rent, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Streaming June 17

  • Summer Camp Island, Max Original Season 4 Premiere

Streaming June 18

  • Super Friends

Streaming June 19

  • Fatale, 2020 (HBO)

Streaming June 22

  • Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

Streaming June 24

  • LFG, Max Original Documentary Premiere

Streaming June 25

  • Explota Explota (Aka My Heart Goes Boom!), 2020 (HBO)
  • PAUSE with Sam Jay, Season 1 Finale (HBO)

Streaming June 29

  • The Legend of the Underground, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

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