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Netflix is making a film for the grandma text mix up on Thanksgiving

Have you ever accidentally texted the wrong number before? I have done this many times before, but I never got the reaction and tradition that came with this accidental text message. Netflix will have a feature film called The Thanksgiving Text about a grandma texting the wrong number and ending up spending every Thanksgiving with this person since that text mishap.

It all started in 2016 around Thanksgiving when Wanda Dench had texted a number, thinking it was someone else, asking if they were coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Little did she know that it was to the wrong number. Jamal Hinton had received the text and decided to respond back telling Wanda that she had texted the wrong number, but he would still love to join the Thanksgiving festivities. After posting to Twitter how Jamal had gotten this text message and actually went to Wanda’s house on Thanksgiving to celebrate, it went viral and everyone loved how it brought together people that would never have met if Wanda hadn’t texted the wrong number. This was the start of a beautiful tradition and friendship.

Since the viral post about their Thanksgiving celebration together, the public was curious to see if they would continue their Thanksgiving holidays together. Jamal and Wanda answered that question by posting that they were spending the holiday together the following Thanksgiving. Now the two have spent every Thanksgiving together since 2016!

Sadly, Wanda’s husband had passed away due to complications with the corona virus, but Wanda and Jamal still continued this tradition and plan to keep this tradition going for years to come.

Netflix took the opportunity to show this unlikely friendship happen all from an accidental text message and how they continued this lovely friendship. This film will be on the Netflix family section and will be written by Abdul Willams and produced by Robert Teitel and George Tillman Jr.. The date for when this film will come to Netflix has not been released yet, but many social media users will be excited to hear when it will come and even more excited to watch it!

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