The 91st annual Academy Awards featured some interesting red-carpet choices, presenters so wonderful that the lack of a host wasn’t an issue, performances of varying quality, and several upsets in the top award categories. We’ll break it down here for you.

Kevin Hart was originally supposed to host the Oscars, but the ghosts of twitter past re-surfaced, and the show was rendered not only Hart-less, but host-less entirely. Into the breach leapt three intrepid women, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph. The trio teased their upcoming movie ‘Wine Country’ on the red carpet before the awards. In their hilarious opening, they joked about the rocky road to the Oscars: in addition to the host controversy, there was talk of a Popular Movie category, and outrage over plans to movie awards like Cinematography into the ad breaks to shorten the ceremony. Rudolph summed up the current situation: “There is no host tonight, there won’t be a popular movie category, and Mexico is not paying for the wall.” Poehler jumped in, clarifying that there would be no awards during commercials, but that there would be commercials during the awards. Poehler was kidding, but the ceremony did include commercials, and not just the implied ones for movies and clothes; Laura Dern did a little promo for a new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The museum is expected to open this year and will have exhibitions devoted to The Wizard of Oz, the movies of Hayao Miyazaki, and more.

Here are some more of our favorite moments from Hollywood’s biggest night:

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