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Stranger Things: Conspiracy Theories for Season 5

The Stranger Things fans, myself included, were all eagerly waiting for July 1st to arrive to be able to watch the last two episodes of season 4. This second volume of the season gave everyone the answers we all wanted but also left us with even more theories for the next and last season.

Giving us some bittersweet moments and nervousness to see how the gang is able to go against Vecna, Stranger Things left us with only our own ideas of how season 5 will play out. With the deaths, neck chills, and returned powers fans have been able to make up some conspiracy theories of what will happen next. BEWARE: SPOILERS BELOW!

Eddie isn’t actually dead

When Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) were in the upside down to distract the demigorgon bats, they got in a little over their heads and almost got attacked by thousands of them. Before trying to return back to the real world, Eddie tricked Dustin into going back and he cut the blanket to prevent himself on being able to cross over. Eddie then went out of the trailer and sacrifice himself to the bats to save his friends and the town.

What made people question was that the Duffer brothers had admitted that the demigorgon bats don’t actually kill people unless they bleed out, so people thought that Dustin was able to save Eddie, leave him in the upside down because he is still technically a “murderer” and only have some people know that he is still alive. The reasoning of this is because when we saw the gang back in town after the upside down almost destroyed the real world, Steve (Joe Keery), Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Robin (Maya Hawke) were unfazed about the death of Eddie, which I believe and the fans believe would not be real if Eddie were actually dead.

Will is going to be possessed by Vecna

Will got a neck chill on the back of his neck in one of the last scenes of volume 2. This is just like in season 1 when Will (Noah Schnapp) was taken into the upside down. People believe that Will will be taken again and have to go against Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in the end because of his possession from Vecna. Which ultimately leads to the theory that Vecna is also still alive too and just waiting to come back to get Will to take the town and gang down.

Max will wake up from her coma

Max (Sadie Sink) was almost taken by Vecna twice and sadly the second time it was too far to come back. Eleven did not want this fate for Max and used her powers to try and help her. Although Max is still in a coma it still gives fans the hope that Max will come out of her coma. To save Max the first time from Vecna she listened to her favorite song Running Up that Hill (A Deal with God) by Kate Bush. This album of hers is about a girl who was put into a coma and she was in it for a while but ultimately was able to wake up from the coma. I believe that this is the Duffer brother’s subtle way of trying to tell the fans that Max will be in a coma for a little bit, but she will come back.

Overall, there are many other theories that will happen in season 5 but these three are the top 3 theories that I really enjoyed hearing from other Stranger Things lovers about their ideas on what will happen.

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