Twitter is blowing up in response to a show about tidying. You read that right. The show ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,’ starring the author of best selling books about tidying, is strangely mesmerizing. Kondo’s books can feel intimidating: her method involves extreme decluttering. You’re supposed to say “Thank U, Next” to any items that fail to “spark joy.” Keep your stuff to a Kondo-minimum. But in person, she’s so charming that you’d thank her for throwing out all your old yearbooks.

The tweets in response to this show are creative and hilarious, as per usual. One person organized their cats. Like Kondo, we at Likewise are always trying to simplify our lives and find those things that spark joy. So if decluttering is what you need, go for it. Let Kondo and company be your guides. But if you like your clutter, well, as one tweeter brilliantly pointed out, the rash of Kondo-minions ridding themselves of their earthly possessions means there’s never been a better time to go thrift shopping. So here you go.