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The Summer I Turned Pretty – Thoughts and Questions

Everyone remembers the summer where everything changed. That is exactly what happened to Belly Conklin (Lola Tung) the summer she turned 16. Dealing with changes in her body, feelings for boys, and her overall self image, Belly has to figure out how to be this new version of herself while vacationing at Cousins with the Fisherman family, her bother, and mom. Watch the full series of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime now!

I was able to binge watch The Summer I Turned Pretty in one day and let me tell you I was very much in love with this show… and might have even cried. Although I loved this show, I had some questions and thoughts about what happened within the first season and maybe even some thoughts that might be controversial to some. Caution: SPOILERS BELOW!

Jeremiah vs. Conrad… & Cam

Belly really had her hands full when she had a love square with her longtime crush Conrad (Christopher Briney), his longtime best friend Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), and new friend Cam (David Iacono). At first she was hanging out with Cam and getting to realize that boys do notice her. Things started to get tricky when her love for Conrad always came back up and saw that he might feel the same way for her too. When they almost kissed Jeremiah, Conrad’s little brother, intercepted the moment when he lit a firework and it startled the two. Later Jeremiah made moves on Belly and they ended up starting to like each other too.

My thoughts were very mixed because I thought that it was very unfair for Belly to be going back and forth with three guys. She ended things with Cam and then it was a very sticky love triangle between two brothers. Luckily, it did not cause any hard feelings between the two bothers and Belly was able to finally decide on Conrad being the one she wanted ending the season on the last scene of Belly and Conrad kissing each other on the beach.

What’s going to happen with Susannah?

We learn at the end of the season that Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) has cancer again and won’t be participating in a trial or chemo therapy to try and beat cancer again. She tried keeping this secret from her kids, only letting Laurel know about the cancer again to ensure the perfect last summer with everyone. This didn’t work out when Conrad and Jeremiah caught on to their mom sleeping all the time, getting dizzy spells and partaking in some actions that will help relieve the pain. The boys begged and pleaded with their mother for her to try and fight to live which finally made her cave in. That just leaves the question if she is able to survive this trial or not.

What was making Conrad so upset?

When watching the show it kept being brought up how different Conrad was acting and how down he has been. The viewers didn’t really know what was happening because his mom thought it was because he was broken hearted but it alluded from Conrad that it was more than that. What I thought was confusing was that by the end it made it seem Conrad was upset about his mothers sickness the whole time but he didn’t know about it until after it was brought up how much he changed. This made me think that he also knew about his fathers affair, which is why he was fighting with his dad so much. A lot of different thoughts about this question for me.

Season 2 will definitely be a rollercoaster of emotions

I think season 2 will show what happens with Susannah, show more of a love triangle between Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad, and much more. I hope to see that Susannah is able to beat cancer again and keep living for her boys. I also hope Belly is able to come to a conclusion between the two brothers especially in this hard time of their mom doing through chemo. Lastly, I also hope Steven (Sean Kaufman) comes back and is able to get into Princeton and attend the college.

Overall, I think this show was great and an amazing coming of age series. There will be a season 2 coming that will be based on the second book of the series and hopefully have it aired soon! I highly recommend watching The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime right now!

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