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Top Reality TV Shows on Hulu

Reality TV shows are all about the drama and and entertainment to the fans that watch this industry. Personally, I love to watch reality TV and everything that comes with it. Below I will be listing all of my favorite reality TV shows that I have been watching on Hulu this summer!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This was the first reality TV show I watched and fell in love. Little me found it fascinating to watch these housewives with luxurious lives also try to live the normal life of family and friend drama. This cast of women live in Beverly Hills and show the struggles they face and all of the fun adventures they take around the world. I truly think these women are very funny and entertaining to watch, definitely one of the best casts of the Real Housewives franchise there is. This series is available on Hulu now!

Love Island UK

Love Island is a show I started to watch recently. It is a tv show where single women and men are put into a house and see who is compatible with one another. This show brings challenges to the contestants to try and get to know one another. The contestants have to be coupled up and in the end one of the couples gets voted to win their money prize. The TV show displays everyones dramas, feelings, and concerns about everyone in the house but that is what makes it more entertaining! Be sure to watch the series on Hulu today!

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Just like Beverly Hills, The Real Housewives of Orange County shows a group of women living their luxurious lives in Orange County. Bringing just as much drama and fun to the mix as well, the cast of women show how they live their lives and deal with struggles that come their way. I would have to say this is my second favorite cast of women to watch in the franchise and think that they are hilarious. Watch this series on Hulu!

Vanderpump Rules

I am just now getting in to this show, but I am loving it. With an old member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump also has a show that displays the lives of her SUR employees and bartenders. With just as much drama as the Housewives shows, Vanderpump Rules brings all of the entertainment showing the lives of young aspiring actors and musicians while working at a very high end restaurant in LA.

Hulu also provides many other Reality Shows but these are the ones that I have come to enjoy watching the most. Be sure to check out more tv shows on Hulu today!

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