Oh the places we’ll go for the people we love! In the run-up to Valentine’s day, the Likewise community shared their top romantic destinations. If it’s too late to make it there by Valentine’s day, maybe you can plan the trip to show them you care, or save it for an awesome future date on Likewise.

And did you hear? Likewise has a new feature that’s perfect for the lovingest day of the year! Now you can not only find restaurants you love, you can reserve a spot through OpenTable right in the app! Check out this list of favorite date spots chosen by the Likewise community to get you started.

If a night in is more your style, you can Netflix and chill with these inspirational couples, or LOL with one of these funny valentines. Check out the romantic movies Likewisers recommend, or launch into a serial dating commitment with one these bingeworthy shows the Likewise community loves to watch with their significant others.

Of course, relationships don’t end with that perfect kiss IRL; many a kiss has launched a thousand fights. These shows know how it is. If your love life falls in the will-they-won’t-they category, these pods will be your friends.

And if all this lovey stuff isn’t for you, we still have you covered with our National Singles Awareness Day movie list. Because learning to love yourself is the greatest. Plus, with Likewise, you will always have good people to share good things with. Here’s to liking and loving wisely!