First off, props to the Academy, because this year’s nominee list, announced on January 22, is more diverse than any in recent memory. Still, the field is not without controversy: Best Picture nominees ‘Green Book’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ are both sparking debate, and the show remains Hart-less.

We suggest you judge the Oscar nominees for yourself; add the Best Picture nominees, the Best Animated Feature nominees (although personally I think that prize should always go to Emma Stone’s eyes), and the Best Foreign-Language Film nominees to your to-do list on the Likewise app.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ suffered a snub. They didn’t even get a nod for Best Costume Design, despite the eye-watering price tags (a million dollars for a single pair of earrings). Now they’re not only crazy, they’re mad. But that’s okay, because they’re weeping all the way to the bank, as are the other movies that the world loved, and that Likewisers loved, but which the Academy turned its golden nose up at. You can check out the 2018 movies that won our hearts but won’t win Oscars in our “Noscar” list. Follow this list and add the movies to your to-dos on the Likewise app (because the Academy does not always get things right.)

Remember these? No? Well neither do we. They’re movies that won Best Picture but shouldn’t have. And here are some that didn’t win Best Picture but should have.

What exactly does “Best” mean, anyhow? There are as many answers to that question as there are people. What makes a movie good depends on who you ask, but it seems we can all agree on what makes a movie bad. These Razzie award nominees for Worst Picture can get no love anywhere, not even in the generous and diverse Likewise community. Their only hope is to achieve the kind of cult status Tommy Wiseau’s The Room now has. Maybe one day James Franco will remake ‘Gotti.’

The 91st Annual Academy Awards air on ABC on Feb 24.