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Voted America's Best-Loved Novel in PBS's The Great American ReadHarper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterwork of honor and injustice in the deep South—and the heroism of one man in the face of blind and violent hatredOne of the most cherished stories of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird has been tra

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Author Harper Lee

Pages 336

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2014-11-04

ISBN 0062369636 9780062369635


Google 3.5


June 's profile image

the_sapphic_bookworm_9707 shared a tip "A little boring, but better than I expected"

Ariel Ayres's profile image

madmessmango shared a tip "Among the greatest books you’ll ever read in school - and if you get to read it outside of that setting, all the better."

Jess Cook's profile image

sarcasticgrl shared a tip "Everyone should read"

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erik_bailey_581 shared a tip "Classic story of racism."

Amy Corkill's profile image

amy_corkill shared a tip "Classic!"

lethea_garrett shared a tip "I read this one a long time ago. I truly enjoyed it."

sofia_barillas shared a tip "One of my favorite books. Definitely recommend to anyone."

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marooroo_draws shared a tip "A beautifully written story. 9/10"

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bkylereads shared a tip "Read this in high school and decided to read it again. Way more powerful now that I'm older."

lynn_lasangre shared a tip "Do it! It's a kind of slow start but gets better pretty quick. I was forced to read it for school but then loved it!"

Shannon McManus's profile image

celticgirl shared a tip "I don't care who you are...everyone NEEDS to read this book!"

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mia_joy_6367 shared a tip "I loved this book! Language was disturbing but historically accurate. Overall a great read and quick!"

GeraldTheLlama 's profile image

geraldthellama shared a tip "I loved the perspective this book had, the way it was written was so uniquely Scout"

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ashley_button_2372 shared a tip "Read this in school and loved it"

Haley pesta 's profile image

haley_pesta shared a tip "I had to read this for school. I have to say I loved the book better then the movie. I would definitely read this again."

Calyssa Seger's profile image

calyssa_seger shared a tip "I liked the valuable lessons and the story that was told."

Anna Nguyen's profile image

anna_nguyen_5829 shared a tip "It was a good story and I feel it shows what life was like during the time."

Ana Abreu's profile image

ana_abreu shared a tip "A true classic and it's definitely something we should still apply to our lives today 😭"

Carol Steiler-Mowat's profile image

carolm shared a tip "Watched this movie in high school and the book is just as fascinating!"

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coriebeckette shared a tip "Oh god. I couldn’t stand it. By far one of my least favorite books"

alyssa_olshanski shared a tip "I love this book with every piece of my soul. It devastated me in ways I didn’t think possible. Absolutely brilliant!"

darlene_iker shared a tip "Good book"

test_test_test shared a tip "Test test"

gabby_7306 shared a tip "I personally love to kill a mockingbird. It's a great classic"

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alava_mariano shared a tip "My favorite is The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien"

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sophia_yu shared a tip "Currently reading Pride and Prejudice! Pretty good so far"

Dawnn Fairhall's profile image

dawnn_fairhall shared a tip "I just finished The Push and Recklessly Alive. Looking for a new. Any recommendations?"

Jasmine D's profile image

jasmine_d_9032 shared a tip "For sure!! A great read with lots of meaning and emotion."

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the_speed_canary shared a tip "Probably The Court Trail"

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lulu_prevails shared a tip "I'm reading Atonement by Ian McEwan (spelling?) And its SO. GOOD. wbu?"

Emily Coatney's profile image

emily_coatney shared a tip "Such an accurate and gripping depiction of human nature at it's best and worst."

Amanda Bastoni's profile image

amanda_bastoni shared a tip "The best book ever!"

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chelsea_abbott shared a tip "One of my favorite books from school"

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