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The Singer of All Songs

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Kate Constable
In the world of Tremaris, magic is fading away. From the ice Wall of Antaris to the hostile streets of Mithates, to the forests of Spiridrell and beyond, Tremaris is a land divided.Calwyn knows nothing of the world beyond Antaris. She lives quietly tending the bees and learning the chantment of ice-call. But then comes Darrow with terrible stories of fear and hatred in the Outlands, where chanters are persecuted and magic is a dying art.Defying the Head Priestess, Calwyn and Darrow embark on a journey through strange and wondrous places. But evil stalks them at every turn, and soon they are caught up in a dangerous adventure, pitted against the sorcerer Samis who seeks the ultimate power of the Singer of all Songs. Kate Constable writes with such grace and clarity that she stands out from the pack. The Singer of All Songs is one of the most enjoyable fantasies I've read in a long time.'Sara Douglass A terrific book, beautifully written, with wonderfully rich imagery and fascinating magic.' Garth Nix
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Kate Constable
Allen & Unwin
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1742696473 9781742696478
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