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The Last City

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H. J. Nelson
In the highly anticipated sequel to The Last She, Ara, Kaden and Sam must learn the first rule of the apocalypse: Trust NO one. AraIs desperate to reunite with her father and put the events that happened in Boise behind her. Ara hopes to find sanctuary in The Last City, an almost-mythical place where the plague is nonexistent and she can finally discover the truth about her family. Once she arrives, she discovers the truth is stranger than fiction, and Ara wonders if she’s made a huge mistake . . .KadenWill go anywhere for Ara, will do anything, but he’s tested to his limits in The Last City. Forced to join a dangerous expedition, Kaden soon finds himself separated from Ara and, once again, on the run for his life. Now he needs to risk it all again to find Ara in The Last City . . .SamHas hooked up a rigged electrical system, blasting away the silence with music, feeling almost normal since he nearly lost his life. He doesn’t know where Kaden and Ara are, and when he meets a mysterious girl named E, they embark on an adventure that will bring all of their lives crashing together . . .All three must uncover the secrets of The Last City if they have any hope of getting out of this apocalypse alive.
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H. J. Nelson
Wattpad WEBTOON Book Group
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1990259049 9781990259043

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