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The first book in the blockbuster phenomenon The Maze Runner series now features chapters from the highly-anticipated series conclusion, The Fever Code, the book that finally reveals the story of how the maze was built!     When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name

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Author James Dashner

Pages 384

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2009-10-06

ISBN 0375893776 9780375893773


Google 3.5


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hellothere4 shared a tip "10/10 LOVED this book!"

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JustSierra shared a tip "Thomas is the hero we all need for inspiration"

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tya_smith shared a tip "It's the best book to read and recommend it"

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rach_05 shared a tip "Update guys: the series gets better, otherwise I wouldn’t have added it to the list."

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gwen_kukus shared a tip "This book was AWESOME! I loved this book because it was thrilling and written very well. Totally recommend reading!"

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measypip shared a tip "8/10 It was good but a bit slow"

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leann_sassoon shared a tip "OMG THE BEST BOOK"

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kylee_metz shared a tip "Amazing 👏"

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hyratheotaku shared a tip "No I don’t have one, but if you have any books in the same genre (ex: maze runner, hunger games) pls do recommend them to me. 😆"

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heather_lorec shared a tip "Good read. Kinda predictable. Watched the movie after I read it and the book is definitely better."

Ruby Terry's profile image

ruby_terry shared a tip "About halfway through this book, and I absolutely adore it so far."

karen101 shared a tip "I just finished reading this series, so good! I was wondering what to read next that's simular?"

tanner_snaadt shared a tip "Same"

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shylah_anam shared a tip "Yes, my favourite book is In the After by Demitria Lunetta"

Rob Kees's profile image shared a tip "Great at keeping tensions high with lots of suspense"

Zoie Denton's profile image

zoie_denton shared a tip "First book I ever read! Still love it!"

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nexvz shared a tip "I mean James dasher is good"

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soleil_strand shared a tip "the hunger games series!"

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hailey_ogden shared a tip "I’ve actually read this one a little while ago. But right now i’m reading The Cruel Prince."

baker_young shared a tip "yes it’s so good! and favorite book out of the series or in general?"

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grace_hubbard_6385 shared a tip "It ok"

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saraelisabeth shared a tip "I love this series and the characters so much! This series also kept me sane during the first part of quarantine 😅"

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desiree_white_5762 shared a tip "Loved it since the first day"

miagrace delfini's profile image

miagrace_delfini shared a tip "Book that got me into reading growing up!! I love it."

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undeadmerc shared a tip "He's one of my favorite authors"

Penn shared a tip "You really should! It's a great book!"

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maisy_peters shared a tip "Awesome read!!! Totally throws you into the world and you experience the world along with the main character! I love it!!"

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Runa6tuna shared a tip "Can I just say how good this book is? I just finished it. Spent 9 hours reading it and finished it in a day! 🤣"

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rose_m_5576 shared a tip "Right now I am reading the Lost by Natasha Preston"

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jenny_lynne shared a tip "I absolutaly loved the world building and finding the clues to the mystery of why all of this was happening."

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kayden_dinwiddie shared a tip "I think I have to agree with you on this one the first is the best"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "5/10"

brianna_england shared a tip "This is one of my favorote book series"

charlie_3533 shared a tip "Sooo goooodddd !!"

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jenna_dale shared a tip "The plot of incredible and the characters are awesome!"

a_p_5203 shared a tip "yes!!"

finley_lefebvre_5241 shared a tip "ALL OF IT"

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rylie_email shared a tip "Also another book I am loving so far is Shatter Me it is a whole series. I am on the first book and already addicted."

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alysha_walters shared a tip "Very complex with nice plot twists."

lulu_smith_1519 shared a tip "Not really the book overall was great"

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theupmost_random shared a tip "Literally my favorite series ive read. I was hooked in and have read all of the prequals and extras."

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maddi_weaver shared a tip "Yeah I think so"

gurnoor_3885 shared a tip "I'm reading Cinder right now and really like it :)"

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micah_williams_3099 shared a tip "It's definitely a good read. I'd give it a go"

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KylieR shared a tip "Great book. Plenty of action but has a good storyline that keeps you reading to the end."

jade_p_kay shared a tip "This is BY FAR! My favorite movie and book series!"

chloé Beaumier-Rizzi's profile image

chlo_beaumier-rizzi shared a tip "Really good dystopian book."

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the_chloe_paige shared a tip "I liked it but the third book started to feel kind of repetitive."

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thonflused shared a tip "Amazing book. I couldn't put it down."

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payton983 shared a tip "I love this series more then words can express."

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sunglassesgirl shared a tip "Super exciting and keeps you on your toes"

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jules406 shared a tip "always loved the movies books were just as good"

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erica_carlsen_6823 shared a tip "It was a good one! I'm currently reading the kings cage third book in the red queen series"

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jessica_bozek shared a tip "Keeps you on edge. Couldn’t put the book down."

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bansri_patel shared a tip "This book is amazing and full of twisting plots! Its very descriptive and full of imagination!"

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