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A troubled young mother yearns for a shot at redemption in this heartbreaking yet hopeful story from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. After serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong, hoping to reunite with her four-

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 320

Publisher Montlake

Published Date 2022

ISBN 1542025605 9781542025607


Google 4.5


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gayane- shared a tip "I’m almost done with this book and it’s so good. I wanted to ask if there are other books out there with a similar story line."

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arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Heartbreakingly beautiful"

halie_v shared a tip "I liked this book but it was frustrating at times. It is beautifully written. Definitely some heartbreaking moments."

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cw_5986 shared a tip "Very good, very sad. Recommend to Colleen Hoover fans."

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angelicashley shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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maryn_foote shared a tip "You can never go wrong with Colleen Hoover books. There are no words for how amazing this is."

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hopeuyemura shared a tip "i kept going back and forth between crying, laughing, and straight anxiety"

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honbo shared a tip "Interesting story. I like the devastation the characters felt throughout the story and how it came across as I read deeper."

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abby_swisher_2660 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good"

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meghan_sue_bentley shared a tip "4.5 out of 5 stars for me! I feel like every coho book I read is a favorite at this point but Ledger was EVERYTHING perfect 🤤🤍"

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fitblonde419 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas"

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haleynt shared a tip "you really root for every single character by the middle and end of the books and that is very special"

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maren_mcguire shared a tip "I don’t really cry when i’m reading but this had me in tears!! So FREAKING GOOD!!"

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manda_avery shared a tip "First book I read by this author and I was hooked!! This book was addicting; I couldn't put it down and read it within a day!"

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leticia_cormier shared a tip "Very hard to put down once you start. Colleen Hoover made me cry, once again."

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r1l3yru3 shared a tip "this thing is so sad don’t even get me started"

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paige_eilers shared a tip "Ledger 💜 Wonderful story!"

sabrinasreadingjournal shared a tip "Not my favorite Colleen Hoover book but it was a good quick read."

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sarah-bel shared a tip "This book absolutely had me sobbing like no other book has done before. 5/5 for me! Couldn’t put it down."

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megan_pate shared a tip "Read in two days. Couldn’t put it down!"

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Definitely cried reading this one. Another CoHo classic."

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danielle_coziahr shared a tip "Slow to start but couldn’t put it down. Get your tissues for this one"

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dally_mcconnell shared a tip "I absolutely fell in love with this book and it’s characters. Highly recommend!!"

elisha_dehaan shared a tip "😭🥹😍 So many emotions… oh so good! CH never disappoints!"

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kelsey_l_9589 shared a tip "“he’s a 10 but…” he’s your ex’s best friend"

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melissa_trecek shared a tip "Classic CoHo style. Such addictive writing, finished in 4 hours!"

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cassie_tuttle shared a tip "So good! Colleen never lets me down 💕"

christine_7040 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. One of my favorites that I will keep."

tanya_3053 shared a tip "I really like it, it’s a page turner and has a lot of feelings involved. Forgiveness is love."

kelsey_8854 shared a tip "he’s a 10 but…he’s your exes best friend"

jessica_dixon_4648 shared a tip "This book has me sobbing 😭 it’s so good and heartbreaking"

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morgan_wetherington shared a tip "Such a good read! Wholesome, heart felt, and quick read"

lisa_b_9188 shared a tip "Very good. Very emotional. Ending was a little predictable, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad ending. This was a great book."

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kendall_warwick shared a tip "3.5/5⭐️"

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VeenaCV shared a tip "This book is one of my top favorite of Colleen Hoovers books!"

ashley_3433 shared a tip "I cried multiple times through this book I couldn’t put it down. I loved loved loved this book."

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odie_castro shared a tip "My heart!!! Made me hug my daughter a little tighter. Loved it!"

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juliarhx__ shared a tip "Might be my new fav CoHo book! Such a sweet and emotional story! 10/10"

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michele_anne_3712 shared a tip "AMAZING"

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Julesc shared a tip "I will always recommend this over “It Ends With Us”. This story had me in a choke hold.. 1 or more tear jerker moments."

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morgan_hemler shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

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emma_russell_6967 shared a tip "COHO does it again. such a great story and has amazing characters"

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madeline_sally shared a tip "Such a good book, lots of emotions. The ending made me cry"

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bridget_s. shared a tip "Constant page turner! Very emotional story line, overall incredible read. Highly recommend!"

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kayla_webb_8099 shared a tip "Such a good book!"

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stephanie_murillo shared a tip "My heart broke"

ally_codelle shared a tip "The story line was just so sad like I teared up a bit tbh"

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samantha_ur shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️"

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amanda_leanne_9742 shared a tip "This book had me laughing, crying and feeling so much pain. A must read"

devyn_robinson_8370 shared a tip "Thought provoking. A wonderful story about a protagonist you don’t want to root for."

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lea_dorcus shared a tip "Heartwarming and yet heart wrenching. i LOVED this book. emotional rollercoaster that was so worth it. beautifully written."

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gabrielle_trinidad shared a tip "A really grown up perspective on life."

alyssa_hall_6769 shared a tip "very very sweet story"

joana_silva_341 shared a tip "So emotional and beautiful! Talk about love and forgiveness."

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essence_heckstall shared a tip "Such an AMAZING book! One of my top 3 Colleen Hoover books!"

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josie123 shared a tip "5/5"

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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ryanvsmith shared a tip "10/10"

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cassidy_bell_7150 shared a tip "absolutely loved it, amazing love story, made me cry like a baby at the end"

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lexi_maire shared a tip "I liked this book. It's not my favorite but i defiantly liked it"

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katarina_jordan shared a tip "so sad"

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arianna_polanco shared a tip "I love this book and I personally think this is one of my best reads yet."

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jenna_1216 shared a tip "Talk about a tear jerker! I finished this book in 2 days it was so good. 10/10! One of my favorite books"

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angie_kash shared a tip "I have read this! Couldn’t really get into it at first, but once I got about halfway through I was hooked!"

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3velz84 shared a tip "I Love the way Kenna reunites with her daughter. How she writes to Scotty letters and saves them! 🥰💖"

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emma_foster_5227 shared a tip "It was a very remarkable book it was real. It made me cry. It was a remeberal book"

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emily_dreese shared a tip "Kept my interest! Great story! I did not want to put it down. Easy short read finished it in a weekend."

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catherine_nicklaus shared a tip "9/10 so good made me almost cry"

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allison_hartman_9167 shared a tip "Slow build out of depression and tragedy yo something beautiful."

wesley_crochet_7463 shared a tip "This was a page turner. What the heck happened kind of book. Thumbs up!"

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piper.russell shared a tip "I started this book when I was bored and could not put it down. A unique storyline with heartwarming characters."

wren_blascoe shared a tip "Had low expectations and it exceeded everything. My favorite Colleen Hoover novel. Loved the characters"

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camilla_looney shared a tip "best book ever"

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caitlyn_travis_98 shared a tip "It’s everything you could want in a novel. There are so many real life aspects and thrilling end!"

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bailey_edwards_335 shared a tip "Read in 1 day"

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kadance_flegel shared a tip "And COHO book another day of crying…"

emmalyn_higgins shared a tip "oh my god i loved this book"

Madi Glatfelter's profile image

madi_glatfelter shared a tip "Soooooo good. Tire at my heartstrings and ends so perfectly! Truly one of my top 5 for her"

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amanda_van_bogelen shared a tip "My favorite of the Colleen Hoover books so far!!"

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cassie_deluce shared a tip "Not as good as her other ones but def a good read!"

Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "Definitely a book with no bad guys or good guys, just a lesson of being human. Colleen killed it obviously."

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maureen_webb_motte shared a tip "So good just like all her book! I read it in less than 24 hours!"

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claire_lawing shared a tip "Loved 😭"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "Extremely moving. I was so sad when it ended."

raegan wessendorf 's profile image

raegan_wessendorf shared a tip "good story, but kind of predictable"

addie_mcdaniel shared a tip "one of the best books i’ve read, very aspect is just 🤌"

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carolinewilliamson shared a tip "FAVORITE colleen hoover book"

a_riley0823 shared a tip "Definitely a cute must read if you love happy endings 🥰"

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payton_metcalfe shared a tip "One of my FAVORITE books. 5/5"

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rebecca_breault shared a tip "Loved the book"

breana_niebauer shared a tip "Could not put it down and ended up in tears throughout it - some happy tears, some sad tears. Kept me on my toes for sure."

Annabelle Gardiner's profile image

annabelle_gardiner shared a tip "My first Colleen Hoover book! And I am now hooked ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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corbin_hazel shared a tip "Made me absolutely BAWL."

mammachelle shared a tip "Touching"

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danielle_coleman3 shared a tip "One of my new all time favorites. This book is predictable, but wonderful!"

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lynette_strange shared a tip "Grab some tissues and settle in"

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kaitlyn_granger shared a tip "Holy crap this book is just amazing. I truly loved the story and the characters new #1 coho book."

michaella_gamber shared a tip "Listen to this as an audiobook. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating! A feel good ending."

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sydney_finley shared a tip "This is def my fav coho book. it made me cry and smile and just made me feel so many feelings at once. it was just amazing."

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esmeralda_rojas shared a tip "Emotional rollercoaster #ex’sbsf trope #griefandloss"

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katie_brown_5389 shared a tip "This book definitely deserves more hype!! It had me ugly crying so much but such a beautiful story overall"

Daisy D'Agostini's profile image

daisy_dagostini shared a tip "Oh my lord this book. So good. I almost want to read it again right away. I cried hard at the end but it was so worth it. 10/10"

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emma_bermond shared a tip "I could not put it down. It was heartbreaking at points, but I felt the struggle and the love in all the other parts."

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serena_van_lanen shared a tip "9/10"

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emmarpearson shared a tip "My favorite CoHo book so far!!! It was so good."

summer_fleenor shared a tip "I love her work."

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ashley_lauer shared a tip "10/10"

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crystal_mews shared a tip "Cute story."

alexandra_king_2311 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sammieisfruity_ shared a tip "this book was so so sad. it crushed my heart but the ending made it so worth it. i loved. ledger is the SWEETEST 💗"

arwen_8490 shared a tip "This book was really good but really heartbreaking"

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kapisha_verma shared a tip "Loved it ❤️"

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kelsey_belanger_2865 shared a tip "Forgot to mention… THE BIRDS on the cover. I cried. My boyfriend thought I was going crazy for crying about the birds. iykyk"

kim_kolbo shared a tip "One of the BEST books I have ever read!"

Marie-Loraine Tindall's profile image

marie-loraine_tinda shared a tip "This was a great story. Some parts seemed a little out there, but just minor things. It was very sweet."

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sarah_brown_4324 shared a tip "Great story that truly pulls at your heartstrings!"

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abby_jones_5919 shared a tip "“He smells like limes and bad decisions” that’s all it took for me to read this book in less than 8 hours 💗"

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kimberly_jones_6 shared a tip "I loved everything about this book. From the short chapters, to never feeling a dull moment in the reading….it was perfection!"

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ArkansasDiamond shared a tip "Such a good book with an unforgettable ending. The letters to Scotty was everything for me. 🤍"

michelle_reads shared a tip "Soooo good! I could not put it down, read it all in one day! It had me in tears and literally laughing out loud at some parts."

emily_carrillo_munoz shared a tip "It was a heart warming book about a mom and daughter reuniting and a mom getting justice but it was very predictable"

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melody_gonzales_1666 shared a tip "This book is amazing like many others of Colleen Hoover."

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danielle_nuckolls shared a tip "I loved this book. I wish there was a sequel because I wasn’t read to say goodbye to the characters 🥹"

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jorden_musser shared a tip "Sweet book!"

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cindy_stock_3890 shared a tip "Beautifully written and heartbreaking story!"

julia_5381 shared a tip "Very easy to read."

shaina_mullins_3629 shared a tip "My all time favorite book!"

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carmen_holt shared a tip "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE"

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24melanie_szymczak shared a tip "Such a page turning book!!"

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an6 shared a tip "Every single CoHo book always brings me something new loved this one so much."

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mray613 shared a tip "The first book to ever make me cry! Such a beautiful ending that makes you just sob."

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meaghan_cross shared a tip "10/10"

alexishunchak222 shared a tip "This book threw me through the ringer but I’m obsessed. So much heartache"

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lauren_brooke_7966 shared a tip "Great book, I enjoyed the bittersweet story"

Mallori Houck's profile image

mallori_houck shared a tip "it was really good. not the best one i’ve read but really good."

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laura_kutchey shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LOVED THIS! Could not put it down. Great book!"

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rosekris211 shared a tip "I was intrigued the entire time"

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shannon_kuepker shared a tip "So good! Couldn’t put it down. And a tear jerker."

natylie_richardson shared a tip "Very boring"

jill_boge shared a tip "Probably one of the best books I’ve read. Literally read over two evenings. Colleen Hoover can do no wrong. Read it!"

hannah_buckley_9742 shared a tip "I was so touched by this book! i really could not put it down. Love CoHo!"

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brittney_davis_5096 shared a tip "LOVED IT"

jada_337 shared a tip "Loved!! Was hooked. Great read."

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danielle_helbling shared a tip "Very real. Raw emotion."

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angelica_puffer shared a tip "Sooo good. Can't wait to read more of hers."

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angelica_puffer shared a tip "My first CoHo book and she does not disappoint!"

metta_butler shared a tip "A little cheese but good!"

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sarah_panda_6766 shared a tip "My favourite book is verity!!"

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katie_daly_5107 shared a tip "Amazing story of a mom who turns her life around to be in the life of her daughter, who was adopted while she was in jail."

brook_menesses_4616 shared a tip "I might read ugly love before i read the maybe series. what are you reading?!"

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anna_jane shared a tip "9/10"

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brandi_george shared a tip "This was my first Colleen Hoover book, and I am hooked by her writing."

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jada_holland_heck shared a tip "LOVED! Couldn’t put it down."

allison_morel shared a tip "Good book, happy ending but sad through the book"

shelby_frieda shared a tip "I have never felt so much emotion for a book.."

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skylena_taylor shared a tip "Slow start great ending!"

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sara_campagna_9315 shared a tip "so so good"

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taybaum shared a tip "So sweet, and so heart warming. Absolutely loved the story line… cried a lot during it!"

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shalyndria_gregory shared a tip "How can I read this book..?"

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annie_murray shared a tip "Great characters and plot line"

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London.Hill shared a tip "What did everyone think about this one? I’m in chapter 4 and can’t get into it. Does it pick up? Any spice at all??"

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rayn_sova_160 shared a tip "I’m- aghhh in love"

raegan_drum shared a tip "GREAT BOOK!!!!"

samantha_rosenberger shared a tip "i’ve been on a colleen kick. i just read november 9, verity, it ends with us, and i’m currently reading confess"

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angely_martinez_1542 shared a tip "All of her works are amazing, i specially like ugly love."

jessica_charron_9502 shared a tip "Such a touching story with a beautiful ending"

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erin_olson_2147 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down. From start to finish this book was amazing."

Emily Grace's profile image

emily_grace_5364 shared a tip "at chapter 16 and loving it so far ! it’s very emotional for sure, but i really like how it’s turning out ❤️"

💜🌞Ally🌻🌊 Wilcox's profile image

ally_wilcox shared a tip "So good! I also recommend the audiobook, Ledger’s voice is great."

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judith_marin shared a tip "Great book. I cried at the end."

kendall_parks_1837 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing! Loved every second of it"

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tana_parker14 shared a tip "my absolute favorite colleen hoover book so far. highly recommended. so emotional."

bridget_parrone shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

grace_7737 shared a tip "3.5/5"

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michaela_bourbeau shared a tip "Amazing. First Colleen Hoover book I read and I fell in love."

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mari_estevez shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️"

cristee_nikole shared a tip "I just finished it last night sooo good"

karly_tinker shared a tip "Amazing plot and had an amazing ending"

brooklynrenee shared a tip "such a good book"

jaylin_tovar shared a tip "I loved this book because this book is from two peoples point of views so we can see how the main character looks and feels"

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "Really good"

lily_hodges_158 shared a tip "The transitions from characters and the descriptive narratives really pull the book and story line together"

camille_wreesman shared a tip "I just finished Things we never got over. SO GOOD! About to start November 9 :)"

Julia-Ann 's profile image

julia-ann_cole_985 shared a tip "Ledger is definitely my fav love interest out of her books."

Caitlyne Gonzales's profile image

caitlyne_gonzales shared a tip "Loved it!"

Aaralyn Thompson's profile image

aaralyn_thompson shared a tip "never cried so hard while reading a book, but so so worth it 🫶🏼"

kayliesexton shared a tip "I loved this book🙏🙏"

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eliana_woldan shared a tip "LOVED this book! Drama, family, love! This was my first Colleen Hoover book and I'll be trying more."

Abby 's profile image

abby_1279 shared a tip "Balled my eyes out!!! So worth it!! Such a very good book!!!"

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emily_rodriguez_4545 shared a tip "This is a good book it has a great plot with love and tons of law"

jacqulyne_danielle shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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julia_butt shared a tip "Amazing"

katie_rauch shared a tip "This book was so good!!!"

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francesca_miller shared a tip "Read this is 4 days. Amazing book"

Mylisia Hendrie's profile image

mylisia_hendrie shared a tip "Right now I'm reading Ruthless Creatures by J.T Geissinger"

renee_falcone shared a tip "Loved it! Highly recommend"

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phantomgoddess shared a tip "My favorite book from Colleen Hoover so far!"

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milla_beganovic shared a tip "it was just so good please read"

Maggie Pietrzak's profile image

magdalena_pietrzak shared a tip "Such a page turner!!!! Must read!"

Tayler Malanoski's profile image

tayler_malanoski_1141 shared a tip "It made me cry and it’s an amazing book"

Aliyah Potts's profile image

aliyah_potts shared a tip "definitely when the mom finally accepted her after she was given the letter kenna wrote, tugged my heart strings 🥲"

lyna_690 shared a tip "From the author? Then, yes. “Maybe Someday” series are my favorite books from her."

Someone 's profile image

someone_9705 shared a tip "I really don't, it's hard to choose a favorite book"

Madelynn Candland's profile image

madelynn_candland shared a tip "it was so good, shows what it’s like for a mom to be separated from her daughter but wants to be in her life"

Erin Clark's profile image

erin_clark_4287 shared a tip "Lots of cussing"

chelsea_dimanche shared a tip "This book made me cry. I love this book and I’m still attached to the characters."

alejandra_de_casas shared a tip "the story itself is very heart warming"

kristin_barrett_6698 shared a tip "5/5"

leyna_dinh shared a tip "It left a good impact on me and brought so many tears."

allison_koeppl shared a tip "Made me emotional"

Siena Cleveland's profile image

sienacleveland shared a tip "My favorite by her so far."

jordan_nelson_967 shared a tip "an amazing book, ended perfectly in my opinion. would seriously pick up and read again"

taylor_ferrante shared a tip "Did not like the plot"

haleigh_lambert_7139 shared a tip "Touched on real topics.. With some spice"

annette_tennant shared a tip "It really showed how powerful losing someone can be."

angela_franceschi shared a tip "Loved it. 5 out of 5"

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esmiifbabii shared a tip "Loved this book!!"

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ashley_alioto shared a tip "One of my top 3 favorite books!"

brenda_bridson shared a tip "Read this in a day! I could not put it down!! Pulled on my heart strings!! So so good!!"

emery_nelson shared a tip "FAV BOOK!!"

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lianne_l shared a tip "Loved!"

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teresa_franco_conrad shared a tip "I loved this book! So so good!"

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zoey_hughes shared a tip "Obsessed 🤩"

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Lover_of_romance shared a tip "I’m definitely invested in Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover :) I actually love all of her hooks that I have so far"

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alex_schneider_2534 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading we were liars! Not a CoHo book but still pretty good!"

alexa_foreman shared a tip "so good"

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sarah_meigs shared a tip "Loved. I cried. A lot."

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cassie_hoppis shared a tip "It's my next book to read. I'm reading verity now. And omgosh."

Karen Jackeline Diaz Melendez's profile image

karen_jackeline_dia shared a tip "the best book ! 😁"

mari_8941 shared a tip "I was hooked! Balled my eyes out but so worth it!"

kallie_andersen shared a tip "I loved this. It was such a sweet story!"

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alysha_quin shared a tip "SO GOOD!!!!!!! It’s not just romance….. it’s so much MORE! My fav Colleen Hoover book by far :)"

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jordan_chafe-turco shared a tip "Obsessed"

angie_rt shared a tip "It was a new experience to read never really read something something with crimes but this one I enjoyed"

Lauren Fye's profile image

lauren_fye shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites!"

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avery_hartman shared a tip "This had everything. It was sad, happy, and steamy all at once. Definitely a book ypu get attached to and can't put down."

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dnd.berenice shared a tip "the way i bawled my eyes out…"

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chelsea_worrell shared a tip "I’m currently reading It Ends With Us, by Colleen Hoover. Great book so far!"

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maylee_holmes shared a tip "This book definitely hit me in feels. Made me cry, good book!"

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lyysan_chan shared a tip "This book was so sad in the ending but im glad everything got worked out and they heard her out"

jaeley_collins shared a tip "Realistic storyline with a great ending."

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undeniablyanna shared a tip "This book literally broke my heart and then put it back together. One of my favorite CoHo reads yet ❤️"

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ariana_kristal_mart shared a tip "Love it ❤️"

stacie_feix shared a tip "Very good read."

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gina_dimopoulos shared a tip "First Coleen Hoover book I read and loved it."

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racheeganch shared a tip "Predictable!"

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jillian_mccallum shared a tip "It was good but not my favorite"

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bookluvver shared a tip "this made me ugly cry a little but the guy in it is ok but the story is really good."

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joelle_spencer shared a tip "LOVED this one. Super adorable and will read again. Loved the ending"

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raquel_ortiz_6131 shared a tip "November 9 by Colleen Hoover, Birthday girl by Penelope Douglas, Things we never got over by Lucy Score."

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haleigh_bland shared a tip "I’m currently reading It Ends With Us"

reagan_lane_2757 shared a tip "I don’t know yet"

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autumn_kmichik shared a tip "There was a fight for love in different ways. Couldn’t put it down. The ending was amazing!"

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morgan_hartwell shared a tip "she's not my favorite writer"

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natalia_tobn shared a tip "Engaging! Loved the story"

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xitlali_salazar shared a tip "I love this book it’s probably one of my favorite book right now. I love keens and have a soft spot for diem she seems so cute."

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elyssa_quintana shared a tip "So good, I don’t care what people say about ch. it’s such a easy read"

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alyssa_tamara shared a tip "this book omg! I just finished it and it is definitely worth reading. I was sobbing the whole time."

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alexie_mcelligott shared a tip "I think this one may be one of my favourite with The deal by elle kennedy"

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natashaB14 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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abby_seaton shared a tip "couldn’t put it down!!"

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jennalfay- shared a tip "Such a good book, I was hooked from the very beginning. Will definitely leave you in TEARS."

carly_corum shared a tip "It isn’t a Colleen Hoover book without a severe emotional breakdown at some point in the book. The queen has done it again"

izabella_alvarez shared a tip "Definitely ugly love!"

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llysa_bartley shared a tip "best book i have ever read. happy ending but emotional"

lynn_anderson_7327 shared a tip "Oh my goodness! 😍😍😍"

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rey_childers shared a tip "this is my new favorite book"

avery_troutman shared a tip "Literally my favorite book ever! I loved it so much!! Definitely a 10/10"

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meaghan_andersen_6711 shared a tip "Currently reading the Slammed series by the same author. But looking to branch out. What about you?"

autumn_ferguson_3755 shared a tip "LOVED IT"

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rubicela_chavez shared a tip "I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did, but it was such a beautiful story!"

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alexis_jackson_6534 shared a tip "Heartbreaking but so fulfilling all at once😭❤️"

brooke_bass_8865 shared a tip "Beautiful- broke my heart then put back the pieces"

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marcia0414 shared a tip "Such a beautiful story... felt like I was crying every chapter!"

aria_newton shared a tip "Emotional rollercoaster."

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peyton_stankevich shared a tip "such an amazing read!"

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misty_king_8469 shared a tip "I finished this in 24 hours. I’ve never finished a book in 24 hours. It’s so good."

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sreshta_rasakatla shared a tip "absolutely love this book. coho exceeded my expectations once again"

christel_pratt shared a tip "it was pretty damn good"

christel_pratt shared a tip "verity was really good too. i really like this author!!!"

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berkley_nowlan shared a tip "Just started regretting you by Colleen Hoover!"

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megan_doumont shared a tip "Another incredible read from Colleen Hoover. I was hooked from the first sentence!"

leah_walker_661 shared a tip "Beautiful book"

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abigail_gomez_2185 shared a tip "It was heartbreakingly beautiful!"

tess_mayer shared a tip "Omg. Amazing. The end had me balling!"

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mikayla_rix shared a tip "This book was amazing i just couldn’t put it down and it was such an emotional rollercoaster!"

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mackenzie_bender shared a tip "This is one of my new favorite Colleen Hoover books"

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grace_breisacher shared a tip "Absolutely shattered my heart to pieces and repaired it at the end… one of my favorites"

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katie_carlson_6075 shared a tip "Heartbreaking but beautiful."

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layla_spence shared a tip "This book was a whole masterpiece ledger is *chefs kiss*"

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lesley_gibson_7983 shared a tip "Great flawed female character!"

mer_6224 shared a tip "Made me cry 4 times"

kinley_sampson_7519 shared a tip "This book is so good I think you guys should read it #colleenhoover #remindersofhim #romance #lovedit"

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angela_annette shared a tip "I couldn’t put this book down. I even tested up at the end."

rebecca_lenihan shared a tip "Amazing!! I cried so hard while reading this gem"

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stephanie_4883 shared a tip "A lot of twists and turns a great read"

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michelle_lozano shared a tip "Currently reading it and I’m obsessed right now"

morgan_poulin_7933 shared a tip "!"

justine_chagnon shared a tip "so untertaining !"

abi_seitz shared a tip "So. Good. My heart was bursting at the end."

justin_jones_3119 shared a tip "so much pain, but i loved it"

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marissa_lewis_6541 shared a tip "amazing story and writing"

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kaylee_rose_3495 shared a tip "Oml I loved this book it was amazing"

cate_sanders shared a tip "oh it was just so good"

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angelia_rivera shared a tip "I love almost anything Colleen writes, but this one is definitely a top 5!"

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sarah_rude shared a tip "Itz funny!!"

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chaeliegh_johnson shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful. Such good writing. Really pulls you into all the feelings the main character is feeling."

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elizabeth_williams_2991 shared a tip "I enjoyed this immensely. Slow burn but entertaining just the same"

zoey_buttino_ shared a tip "WOW WOW WOW. I’ve never really had a solid “favorite book” until now. This book is amazing."

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jhoney_89 shared a tip "Bring the tissues."

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kayla_maliniemi shared a tip "This one had me all in my feelings. Colleen Hoover is always a genius."

star_moen shared a tip "Honestly, best book I have ever read. The storyline is amazing and I’ve never felt so into a book before."

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charity_olson_4648 shared a tip "I loved this book so much"

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ophelia_xie shared a tip "I loved this book"

kaitlyn_boyd_1574 shared a tip "I’ve been reading all of the Colleen Hoover books, Vi keeland and Penelope ward. Now I am kinda stuck and searching 😂"

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morgan_suhr shared a tip "SOOOO GOOD!!! Such a good read and a great book to practice annotating with. It’s definitely a good reread!!"

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miagrace_delfini shared a tip "This book definitely shows so many different life lessons. Perfect read for young adults/teenagers."

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patty_simone shared a tip "Such a great book absolutely LOVE Colleen Hoover books!!"

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savanna_bryant shared a tip "This story made me cry like a baby! I would highly recommend."

nicole_fisher_5695 shared a tip "Kept you wondering what would happen and the main characters past"

hillary_wiener shared a tip "i’m reading ugly love right now"

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jessica_juarez shared a tip "Anything written by Colleen Hoover is absolutely amazing!"

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dara_michelle shared a tip "Just amazing!!"

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taylor_crouther shared a tip "I also loved this book, Im currently reading “The Ex Talk” by Rachel Lynn Solomon"

nikie_hansen shared a tip "LOVED this book! I laughed, I cried and I couldn’t put it down!"

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carrey_t._tv shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

avery_miller_6236 shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read. I could not put it down I was so eager to find out more about Kenna’s twisted life."

gladys_mendoza shared a tip "Colleen S T O P playing with my feelings"

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sydney_roberts_5016 shared a tip "Such a good story of love & forgiveness. I don’t think Colleen Hoover can write a bad book!"

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rilan_maloney shared a tip "Never cried more while reading a book."

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lori_masters shared a tip "This book will make you cry and feel everything. Such a good read."

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lifeof_a_dogmom shared a tip "Read this in 24 hours. So many emotions, so much love in every form and so many life lessons. This is one I’ll never forget"

julie_smith_9053 shared a tip "This book was one of the best books I have read in a long time."

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mickey_pages shared a tip "Loved it!"

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jacqueline_ponce shared a tip "Devoured this! Colleen Hoover is a genius."

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hades_suarez shared a tip "Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater"

makayla_wilson_2506 shared a tip "This was a tear filled book for me lol so cute!"

ann_piety shared a tip "Loved it!"

melissa_bunn_5679 shared a tip "Colleen Hoover knocks it out of the park again!"

cathlikestoread shared a tip "A beautiful read 10/10"

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kashyiah_law shared a tip "absolutely love this book"

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claire_gould shared a tip "It was amazingly good! Fast read!"

karalyn_3615 shared a tip "Made me very and laugh. You really feel for the characters. Great enemies to lovers with both povs"

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lucy_reid shared a tip "Arguably one of the best books I’ve ever read! Colleen Hoover has yet to disappoint and I don’t expect it happening soon."

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emma_huerta shared a tip "I liked it, but it is not one of my favorites from CoHo."

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bree_2477 shared a tip "Right now it’s “The Love Hypothesis.”"

daniela_chavez_8778 shared a tip "Ledger is the best character. Loved him."

carmen_joualeu shared a tip "I recently started reading and from the 4 books i’ve read this one is by far my favorite"

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rochelle_khan shared a tip "i was in such a reading slump after reading this😭 i couldn’t get over it!! sooo good though"

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despina_m shared a tip "Currently reading Things We Never Got Over... My first non colleen hoover book since picking up my love for reading again!"

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sarah_foreman_4880 shared a tip "So Good!!!"

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hope_mcilrath shared a tip "Heart wrenching and heartwarming all at the same time."

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whoops_7563 shared a tip "favorite book from CoHo!"

tristen_9894 shared a tip "My absolute favorite book by Colleen 🤍"

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amiey1 shared a tip "Omgomgomg this book put me through so much heartbreak but also made me smile like a little girl 100% recommend :)"

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ashley_beltz_6287 shared a tip "Read this book! I've always loved her books, and this one did not disappoint! So good!"

angela_hoehner shared a tip "Beautiful book! Loved it just as much as It Ends With Us. Love Colleen!"

lexi_smith_4686 shared a tip "10/10"

ahs shared a tip "My favorite Colleen hoover book along with ugly love. I cried like never before"

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dominique_cook shared a tip "i enjoyed the plot of this book. not too much romance, but just the right amount in my opinion."

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amy_speyer shared a tip "it was amazing!"

alyssa_north_2634 shared a tip "Beautifully tragic"

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kate_fuller_6968 shared a tip "Loved it… but felt like it dragged in the middle and was rushed at the end."

melisa_ray shared a tip "Amazing book"