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NOW A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!From #1 New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer, comes a high-stakes world of adventure, passion, danger, and betrayal.Secret Identities.Extraordinary Powers.She wants vengeance. He wants justice.The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies—humans with extraordi

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Author Marissa Meyer

Pages 416

Publisher Feiwel & Friends

Published Date 2017-11-07

ISBN 1250164079 9781250164070


Google 3.5


Vivian Engel's profile image

vivian_engel shared a tip "Great book, loved the whole villian POV"

katie_9051 shared a tip "Yes! It was so good! I want more."

Keira <3's profile image

moonlit.kay shared a tip "If you like the MCU, you’ll love this book"

Caitlin Johnson's profile image

caitlin_johnson_8682 shared a tip "I read it this week! It was so good thank you for the recommendations!"

Mars 's profile image

4everMars shared a tip "It was so good"

Marissa Kramp's profile image

marissa_kramp shared a tip "Perfect for people who sympathize more with the villain in superhero movies. An awesome read"

Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "I couldn't put this book down man, I loved it. Fastest 500+ page book I've ever read tbh. Also the characters are pretty dope."

XxRoss ChanXx's profile image

xxross_chanxx shared a tip "I like the story, it’s a bit long but sometimes it’s nice to have a book that takes a bit longer to finish. More rewarding"

NerdyGamer7407 's profile image

nerdygamer7407 shared a tip "Marissa Meyer writes the BEST young adult books. I would recommend anything and everything she's written."

Ellie McClure's profile image

ellie_mcclure shared a tip "Oh my lord this was amazing. Intense, but also heartwarming."

Rachel 's profile image

missrachelwilliams shared a tip "Unique abilities that showcase awesome characters. Can’t say too much without spoilers"

bo james's profile image

bojames shared a tip "amazing book"

Cece Gould's profile image

sassymuch0090 shared a tip "It’s one of THE best dystopian books I’ve read. The plot is really good and the characters are well written."

Callie Tetreault's profile image

callie_tetreault shared a tip "I just started reading this and am already in love"

maranda_plumb shared a tip "whenever there was a close situation of them finding out Nova’s identity."

Quincy Dunn's profile image

quincy_dunn shared a tip "Amazing story telling and a very creative take on super heros!!"

jacob_biediger shared a tip "im like 75% done with it rn and it’s so good. like def top 5 books ive read"

Zoie Denton's profile image

zoie_denton shared a tip "The book that got me into reading! 5/5"

india_2604 shared a tip "I’m still reading it but in my opinion it most definitely is"

Keira Heffernan's profile image

keira_heffernan shared a tip "I loved this series. It was so good in so many different ways"

Madeleine Dennehy's profile image

madeleine_dennehy shared a tip "This is one of my favorite stories. I want to find more books like this one."

Noel Tsige's profile image

noel_tsige shared a tip "Although It is not a popular book it is quite good if you are looking for action and revenge"

Valley Mom's profile image

valley_mom shared a tip "Devoured this"

elora_8819 shared a tip "I love these book so much!!💜💜😍😍"

elora_8819 shared a tip "If u ever need a book to read get this book. Bc its one of the best books ever"

olivia 's profile image

renegades shared a tip "if anyone asks books they recommend, i will shove this book down their throat until they read it. it’s so good😃🔪"

Maddie Eul's profile image

MJ2913 shared a tip "Loved this series"

elizabeth_hyde_6605 shared a tip "it was swag"

Cheese 's profile image

i_have_cheese shared a tip "AMAZING#awesomeseries"

Allie Hopper's profile image

allie_hopper shared a tip "Oh gosh that's really hard. I have a soft spot in my heart for Rick Riordan I guess."

Vanessa Chavez's profile image

vanessa_chavez_5742 shared a tip "Superpowers and romance. Interesting combo, but couldn't put the book down"

Sandra V's profile image

sandra_v_1499 shared a tip "Strong female lead."

samantha_kennedy_1049 shared a tip "Read it multiple times!! Amazing trilogy!"

Jazmarie Roberts's profile image

jazmarie_roberts shared a tip "It everything I would like in a book."

Sean Kennedy's profile image

sean_kennedy_2513 shared a tip "It's a great read and am ready to read the next 2 books!"

Maddi Antoinnette's profile image

maddi_antoinnette shared a tip "Great series"

Lauren Hippen's profile image

lauren_hippen shared a tip "Great story line"

Doina Abukarma's profile image

doina_abukarma shared a tip "Just finished and I’m hunting down the next one, Marissa Meyer doesn’t disappoint, loved the lunar chronicles"

Aimee DeMoss's profile image

aimee_demoss shared a tip "I recommend anything that woman has written!!"

harvard_yuan shared a tip "Superhero love story with villian female lead"

Abigail Earl's profile image

abigail_earl shared a tip "So good"

Gracey Spencer's profile image

gracey_spencer shared a tip "I love books with superhero’s, ESPECIALLY when it’s enemies to lovers too"

Erin Hohman's profile image

erin_hohman shared a tip "Well I’m still reading it… so I don’t know! It’s really good so far though! 😅"

Alex Pop's profile image

alex_pop shared a tip "I've recently got Realm Breaker but haven't started it yet"

Riley Ball's profile image

riley_ball_1020 shared a tip "It’s a very good book to read if your into superhero’s I’d say pg13"

Isabel 's profile image

isabel_readsbooks shared a tip "I could not put the book down. I read the whole series and it is by far one my favorite book series!!"

addison_8919 shared a tip "Definitely the major plot twist at the end!"

Molly Morrison's profile image

molly_morrison_3249 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

Madison Borgel's profile image

madison_borgel shared a tip "I was surprised how much I ended up liking this book and I am ordering the other 2 books in the series now!"

Abigail Dockstader's profile image

abigail_dockstader shared a tip "I loved this whole series so much!!!"

tara_carmichael shared a tip "READ THISSSSSSSSS"

Ella Schwenk's profile image

ella_schwenk shared a tip "Honestly not too basic for a dystopian book and I loved the "villain" perspective"

Natalie Lisowski's profile image

natalie_lisowski shared a tip "It’s just a good book in general. The plot twists and plot is just amazing."

Faith Kim's profile image

booksrecs shared a tip "5/5"

Axelot 's profile image

axelotl shared a tip "THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! It leaves you on a cliff hanger and I’m regretting not buying the second one-"

XxxTizirixxX🌙 's profile image

lucky_playz shared a tip "It’s such a good book! Definitely recommend!"

ava_5257 shared a tip "GREAT ENEMIES TO LOVERS"

Matthew C's profile image

gamecock4life shared a tip "Read it for my boys before bed time each night. They loved it, fun story line."

Maddy Melton's profile image

maddy_melton_6204 shared a tip "Amazing !!!"

inara_1384 shared a tip "I love this book"

Jessie Ma's profile image

jessie_ma shared a tip "I'm in love with it"

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