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A New York Times Bestseller "Here are three things about this book: (1) It's . . . funny and romantic; (2) the mystery at the heart of the story will keep you turning the pages; (3) I have a feeling you'll be very happy you read it." --Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Lov

Author Julie Buxbaum

Pages 329

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2017-03-14

ISBN 0553535676 9780553535679

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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "So cute! Definitely recommend!"

georgie 's profile image

georgia_sheena shared a tip "i stayed up all night reading this book and i do not regret losing all that sleep. this book is now im my top three"

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sophia_h_3339 shared a tip "three things about this book: (1) i could not set it down. (2) so exciting and fun to read. (3) i need a second book asap!"

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lexi_martin_1018 shared a tip "Made me laugh out loud"

Victoria Washington's profile image

victoria_washington_580 shared a tip "Your welcome!"

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rakebb_l shared a tip "a real page-turner!"

court_4296 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

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Tisiphone shared a tip "It was a little obvious but still a good read. I found it rlly cute 🥺💕"

michelle_bello_336 shared a tip "Loved this so much!!! Excellent read for teens and beyond (mature younger kids as well) !!!"

Zinnia Dungjen's profile image

ZinniaD24 shared a tip "Super quick read! Loved it!"

Carissa Ward's profile image

carissa_ward shared a tip "Not really a tip, just putting it out there that this book was absolutely FANTASTIC!! One of my top faves for sure!!!"

Valoree Carroll's profile image

AdriCarroll shared a tip "It was really good! I finished it really fast because I couldnt find myself wanting to put it down...Hope you enjoy!"

Valoree Carroll's profile image

AdriCarroll shared a tip "Yes I did...It was obvious"

Ellie Meehan's profile image

ellie_meehan shared a tip "i loved this book so much...amazing plot line and the ending is perfect....i wish there was a second book!"

𝙱𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 's profile image

bookwormbella shared a tip "So I love this book. That’s it. That’s the comment:)"

Megan Hearn's profile image

megan_hearn shared a tip "cute quick read"

torie_butts shared a tip "It was so good! I'm actually switching it up a bit though and reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas"

Natalee Grover's profile image

nataleegrover shared a tip "sweet and heartwarming. the mystery is easy to guess, but still cute & a good beach read."

Dominika Gornikowski's profile image

dominika_gornikowski shared a tip "It definitely makes you feel like good things happen, so yes a good ending"

Ada R's profile image

ada_r shared a tip "I really liked this book, it was super entertaining."

Eleanor Wells's profile image

eleanor_wells_4290 shared a tip "Loved the mystery romance! One of my all time favorite tropes, this book does it really well!"

Maleah 's profile image

maleah. shared a tip "LOVED this book. I need a sequel right now Ms Julie."

sophia grace 's profile image

sophia_grace_miller shared a tip "This is then best book I have ever read"

sophia grace 's profile image

sophia_grace_miller shared a tip "What is a good book to read after this one"

jere_powell shared a tip "VERY worth it."

jenny_1649 shared a tip "Best book ever!!!! Brilliant writer"

Julia Bowes's profile image

julia_bowes shared a tip "Loved this book! Highly recommend if you want to feel all happy and giddy inside. Makes me smile!"

Alexxisss 's profile image

alexxisss shared a tip "Loved it!"

Tiffany Dixon's profile image

tiffany_dixon shared a tip "Yes."

emily_chou shared a tip "I read this book at least 3 times and every time I am eager for the protagonist to find the one she’s looking for."

carissa_barakat shared a tip "Adorable, funny, and relatable characters. Definitely recommend"

meliodas_8965 shared a tip "My new favorite book"

Elle Rotter's profile image

elle_rotter shared a tip "Even though it’s a middle school level book. This is still my all time favorite book."

Eliot Hughes's profile image

eliot_hughes shared a tip "Could read it over and over again."

Bella Poo's profile image

bellaaaa shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK"

Emily ramkumar's profile image

emily_ramkumar shared a tip "Amazing!"

Jules Palmieri's profile image

jules_2 shared a tip "the plot keeps you on your toes as you read"

jaylyne_ shared a tip "this book was probably one of the best books I’ve ever read, it has such a cute ending."

Jessica Dickinson's profile image

jessica_dickinson_1002 shared a tip "Such a cute romance with a happy ending"

zoe_beta shared a tip "it had a good storyline, although the main character was too oblivious most of the time."

Casey 's profile image

casey_4127 shared a tip "No but i plan to read the grey wolves series next! Its one of my favs @chelseawrightreads"

Jayden Rose's profile image

Jayden.rose1994 shared a tip "SOOOO good and will keep you hooked"

Landrie Fields's profile image

landrie_fields shared a tip "read it two years ago! perfect young adult novel for freshman."

Bridget Curley's profile image

bridget_curley shared a tip "One of the few books I find myself reading again and again. An all-time favorite"

sam_parsons shared a tip "I loved everything about this book it is perfect"

Mia Shampine's profile image

mia_shampine shared a tip "The romance was cute and quirky, something I haven’t seen before."

Laura 's profile image

fore shared a tip "I couldn’t but this book down, it’s soo good! :)"

Abigail Thibodeau's profile image

abigail_thibodeau shared a tip "3/5 ⭐️"

Orange Moo's profile image

blueberry_moo shared a tip "Made me smile uncontrollably. Give it a 8/10 pretty good would recommend"

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