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A beloved classic that captures the powerful bond between man and man’s best friend. Billy has long dreamt of owning not one, but two, dogs. So when he’s finally able to save up enough money for two pups to call his own—Old Dan and Little Ann—he’s ecstatic. It doesn’t matter that times are tough; to

Author Wilson Rawls

Pages 256

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2011-01-12

ISBN 0307781569 9780307781567

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Kathleen H's profile image

kathleen_hyslop shared a tip "One of the sweetest books. For anyone who loves books about the relationship between people and animals."

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jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "🤗"

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unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "Wept like a baby when read in school. Hated it at first, but could never put it down."

taylor <3's profile image

taylor_forster shared a tip "tears"

Joseph B's profile image

joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "I’m not the biggest reader but this book is one of favorites. 10/10"

eric_grimes shared a tip "One of those rare books that's just as good now as it was when I was a kid."

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sara_stasi shared a tip "#dogs #classics #childhood_favorites #tearjerkers"

Ava A.'s profile image

ava_a. shared a tip "Tear Jerker for sure! I definitely recommend!"

mary_hynum shared a tip "Made me cry so much."

Domonique DeBoynton's profile image

domonique_deboynton shared a tip "The orphan train adventures series is great. I read it years ago but am rereading them now that I have my own copies."

Jynx 🪴🍄🍂🌱's profile image

yourlocallesbian shared a tip "GOD this book is a masterpiece i’m in love with it."

All things webtoon with Madpup Lore Olympus and PJO's profile image

all_things_webtoon_ shared a tip "Best book ever. Read it so fast and cried so much!"

Jessie Crockett's profile image

jessie.crockett shared a tip "this was my favorite book for YEARS until my 50 book ✨quarantine reading spree✨ haha"

Delbert Kelley's profile image

delbert_kelley shared a tip "Whether with the book OR the movie, make sure to have some tissues close at hand. Lol"

Alyssa Spellman's profile image

alyssa_spellman shared a tip "The first book that ever made me cry and one of the first classics I really enjoyed in school."

rhianna_rowe shared a tip "The author is really good! I recommend them if you’re looking for a new read."

Campbell Welch's profile image

campbell_welch shared a tip "A very moving story!"

Audrey Harper's profile image

audrey_harper_1488 shared a tip "It’s super sad"

Luhansa Dedigamuwa's profile image

luhansa_dedigamuwa shared a tip "I'm still reading Where the Red Fern Grows and so far it's so good."

cia 's profile image

motts shared a tip "it was a good book. end made me nauseous tho"

Mac Stark's profile image

mac_stark shared a tip "This was the first book I ugly cried to! It hurt my heart so much!"

Jocelyn Phelps's profile image

jocelyn_phelps shared a tip "It is a great book but it will definitely make you cry!"

Abun 's profile image

abundant_everlasting shared a tip "I remeber crying because of the movies when I was 10."

kim_bryan_1004 shared a tip "Of all the books I read as a child, this is the one I love the most."

macy_brown_1524 shared a tip "Yes definitely!! Be aware it is a tearjerker towards the end though."

mel_solle shared a tip "It is my favorite book from childhood. I loved it!"

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vanessa_garcia_4508 shared a tip "I would say it’s more like a coffee table book"

Brittney Parton's profile image

brittney_parton shared a tip "I think so. Lol I read this book a long time ago, but I loved it."

jocelyn_hill shared a tip "Yes"

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isabella_kurtze shared a tip "Love this book so much"

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grace_plank shared a tip "I recently read the book Red, White, and Blue and I absolutely loved it! What about you?"

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grace_benham shared a tip "#tearjerker #cryworthy #historical_fiction"

Candace Bowen's profile image

candace_bowen shared a tip "If you love animals, admire hard work and loyalty this book will touch your heart."

camille_clark shared a tip "Hard not to cry! 😢"

Ariana Musgrave's profile image

ariana_musgrave shared a tip "Read when i was young but best book the school system has read so far."

Via Tello's profile image

via_tello shared a tip "absolutely heart breaking, but great if you need a good tear jerked"

Melissa Loriaux's profile image

melissa_loriaux shared a tip "It’s an amazing book. Read it when I was younger in grade school. A bit sad but still a good book."

Belle Line's profile image

belle_line shared a tip "this is the only thing i’ve read by this author and i read it awhile ago"

Erica O'Brien's profile image

erica_obrien_4334 shared a tip "This was the first book that made me cry. Wonderful book."

Atalaya Costner's profile image

atalaya_costner shared a tip "Definitely made me ugly cry, but it was fantastic, definitely a page turner!!!"

Sarah Albertson's profile image

sarah_albertson_1764 shared a tip "Loved this book as a kid. Can't tell you how many times I read it."

Tylee Truksa's profile image

tylee_truksa shared a tip "Just the story over all and the dogs and the boys journey together."

tamesha mcdonald's profile image

tamesha_mcdonald shared a tip "Not per se, but if it holds my attention then it's probably a pretty good book."

Mikala Kolander's profile image

mikala_kolander shared a tip "I reread this book every few years. One of my favorites."

karen_hess shared a tip "Rips your heart out in the best possible way. We don’t deserve dogs."

Kayla.1854 's profile image

Kayla.1854 shared a tip "This one made me cry so hard at the end please read with caution."

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