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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • GOOD MORNING AMERICA BOOK CLUB PICK • “A heartwarming mystery with a lovable oddball at its center” (Real Simple), this cozy whodunit introduces a one-of-a-kind heroine who will steal your heart.   “The reader comes to understand Molly’s worldview, and to sympathize wi

Author Nita Prose

Pages 320

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 2022-01-04

ISBN 0593356160 9780593356166

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Google 3.5


Emily Calkins's profile image

emily_calkins shared a tip "A fun mystery with a wonderful, quirky narrator. Reminded me a lot of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine."

brandi_carson shared a tip "Cute book"

Honorata 's profile image

honbo shared a tip "Quick and quirky read. I wouldn’t say the plot was super deep or thick, but it was fun and I enjoyed it!"

Donna Q's profile image

d_m shared a tip "Quirky characters and plot twists"

Holl | Momma Needs to Read's profile image

mommaneedstoread shared a tip "I love cozy mysteries and this book made me love them even more. It was so well written and the character development was great!"

Abby Swisher's profile image

abby_swisher_2660 shared a tip "9/10. I loved the main character, “Molly”!"

Melissa Trecek's profile image

melissa_trecek shared a tip "Not for me."

ash r's profile image

asherbert shared a tip "Loved Molly! Has a slow start but it’s so worth it!! Make sure to read the epilogue!"

Kathleen  's profile image

kathleen_hyslop shared a tip "Engaging, light read. I listened to this over a weekend and enjoyed it."

Alyssa sonnylal's profile image

alyssa_sonnylal shared a tip "At first I wasn't hooked then the dead body is found and from there on I couldn't put it down."

Mirian Camacho's profile image

mirian_camacho shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Riley Foreman's profile image

riley_foreman shared a tip "What a delightful book! “We are all the same in different ways” strongly resonates."

Reyna Salazar's profile image

reyna_salazar shared a tip "Loved the main character! Mystery with a good twist in the story! Classic “who dunnit”."

lori_crouse shared a tip "I really liked Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I also like all of Sally Hepworths books."

barbara_jenkins_5060 shared a tip "Wonderful!"

Jeni Aileen's profile image

jeni_aileen shared a tip "It felt so human. It was a perfect murder mystery fill of family, love, and plot twists."

Jacey Bogler's profile image

jacey_bogler shared a tip "A murder mystery with a bit of humor. The main character reminded me of Sheldon Cooper from the TV show The Big Bang Theory!"

tannis_ shared a tip "Sweet story."

Ashley Wagner's profile image

ashley_wagner_7471 shared a tip "Witty and loved the main character"

Lilian Hoyt's profile image

lilian_hoyt shared a tip "The Maid makes the whole story interesting with her personality that is different to the average person."

Julie Mainville's profile image

julie_mainville shared a tip "Great read 😄"

Katrina Heilmeier's profile image

katrina_heilmeier_922 shared a tip "Liked the perspective"

joy_hall_8064 shared a tip "Could not put this down"

geena_lovallo shared a tip "Hard to say, not sure if I have a favorite yet. I appreciate most books that are thriller or mystery"

melanie_cameron_9108 shared a tip "I loved the main character"

melanie_cameron_9108 shared a tip "I read this one a few books ago haha. I’m currently reading We Were Liars. I love YA books 🤣"

Jodie Wallis's profile image

jodie_wallis shared a tip "One of the best characters I have read in a while. You can’t help but fall in love with Molly."

chris_hunking shared a tip "All of them."

Alexa Wood's profile image

alexa_wood shared a tip "Was unsure at first but couldn’t put it down! Did not expect the ending!!"

Liza Robinson's profile image

liza_robinson shared a tip "This was a little on the boring side."

Nicole Garren's profile image

nicole_garren shared a tip "I listened to this on Audible. It was very cozy. I enjoyed this book."

lourdes_ukrainski shared a tip "Loved the protagonist -there was mystery,social injustice and yes- romance"

Cristina rodriguez-swann's profile image

cristina_rodriguez- shared a tip "I love the way this is written."

winona_miller shared a tip "Quirky"

Kalena Medina's profile image

kalena_medina shared a tip "Fun and quirky, had lots of insight from her Gran. Super satisfying ending."

mayra_martinez_1818 shared a tip "A good whodunnit, could of done with less of Grans's quotes but overall a good mystery book."

Maudie Bro's profile image

maudie_bro shared a tip "Loved the character. Well written story!"

Colleen Scidmore's profile image

colleen_scidmore shared a tip "This was wonderfully told with Molly as an unlikely hero. 5 Stars all the way!!"

Laura McCoy's profile image

laura_mccoy_5810 shared a tip "Didn't read it yet"

norma_pleasance shared a tip "What a fun read."

Jessica Orr's profile image

jessica_orr_3096 shared a tip "Fun read - like the Amelia Bedelia murder mystery for adults ! And I liked the plot twist/unexpected ending !!"

Julie Figueroa's profile image

julie_figueroa shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. Definitely earned a place on my shelf."

samantha_tonan shared a tip "You should! It’s really good - I couldn’t put it down!"

alethia_foster shared a tip "Very good book! Really enjoyed it! It was charming, fun, had great lessons in morality and an awesome mystery book! I recommend!"

Divya 's profile image

dbagg_ shared a tip "It was better than I thought! And hmm.. as of right now I don’t have a fav! It’s hard to choose haha. How about yourself?"

Anna Salvamoser-Goldberg's profile image

anna_salvamoser-gol_5934 shared a tip "Thrilling all the way with Molly the Maid."

mazzi_vigos shared a tip "This book was fantastic!"

dominique_619 shared a tip "Lots of twists; easy to read and humorous"

Jessie Pomerleau's profile image

jessie_pomerleau shared a tip "A charming and lovable character, filling the roller coaster of her principals, values and vues."

eileen_9387 shared a tip "Quick, witty, quirky! Couldn’t put it down."

jmut84 shared a tip "Wow! Thought I had the mystery figured out, but boy was I wrong. Loved it!"

lauren_4081 shared a tip "Surprise ending"

lisa basile's profile image

lisa_basile_603 shared a tip "Light, easy read. Heartwarming and charming. Some curves and bends but no real suspenseful twist."

Karen Wright-Jewell's profile image

karen_wright-jewell shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorites. It is so good!"

Shara Willard's profile image

shara_willard shared a tip "Easy and heartwarming"

Jennifer Kelso's profile image

jennifer_kelso_8674 shared a tip "Wonderfully quirky protagonist. This was a fun read and I enjoyed every page."

jodi_gates shared a tip "I found Molly to be a very likable character. I loved how her Gram played such a big part of the story."

Lisa N Jeff Gilmore's profile image

lisa_n_jeff_gilmore shared a tip "Mystery without gore. Light on the adult language"

Rose 's profile image

emma_rose_3003 shared a tip "A fun whodunit book you can’t put down with an extremely likable yet offbeat female protagonist."

Kathleen Jose's profile image

kathleen_jose shared a tip "Charming cozy mystery with a satisfying twist."

hudson_fam shared a tip "Loved the audio"

sharanja shared a tip "Liked Molly's character. Story is a quick read."

awesome_user_841767 's profile image

chris_gross_3802 shared a tip "Excellent book! Raises awareness of people that might be invisible to us."

Elisabeth Piatt's profile image

elisabeth_piatt shared a tip "So good! On the edge of my seat for every chapter."

Ashley Lofria's profile image

ashley_lofria shared a tip "We’ll write, easy read"

Priscilla Corado's profile image

priscilla_corado shared a tip "Had me captivated and could not stop reading"

mali_kouli shared a tip "It was an interesting main character that I found unique."

Priscilla A's profile image

priscilla_a_Chitown shared a tip "Such a great read-suspenseful, with tender, funny moments, and a protagonist with a big heart. Definitely a keeper!"

sara_folsom_610 shared a tip "Sweet and relatable story"

Audrey P's profile image

audrey_p_7013 shared a tip "A murder mystery revolving around a sweet, innocent (and at times socially naïve) young lady who has been wrongfully accused."

Mary Marquez's profile image

mary_marquez_532 shared a tip "Kept me listening. Totally unexpected loved it"

lindsay_7426 shared a tip "Quirky, it was ok"

Ana Paterson's profile image

ana_paterson_1953 shared a tip "Read it in a weekend and loved it!"

erin_raabe shared a tip "Awesome read!"

amanda_brady_699 shared a tip "Very poorly written."

susan_chapman_2499 shared a tip "A fun read! Nice plot progression. I don’t want to give too much away so I will stop there 😂"

Lynn 's profile image

lynnnnnnnnn shared a tip "Does anyone else think that Mrs. Black (the first one) is Molly’s mom?"

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