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David Scidmore
Jon was a physicist who wanted nothing more than a simple life with few responsibilities and someone to share it with. In the middle of an ordinary day, a horrible accident leaves him stranded in a baffling world of impossible phenomena, terrifying creatures, and mysterious prophecies. Desperate to get home, his only hope is a harrowing journey across three distinct realms.But his arrival in the new land has not gone without notice. Suspicious of the circumstances of his arrival, a nervous ruling council requires someone to investigate. So they send the one warrior most suited for the job: the dedicated and compassionate Dellia. She lives to serve because helping people is what gives her life purpose and meaning, but as a protector, she is also bound by an unshakable devotion to the council.Lost and alone in a vast world, Jon is in dire need of help. Skilled and knowledgeable, Dellia is exactly the kind of help he needs. If only he can keep from falling for the one person whose duty may drive her to stop him.
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David Scidmore
Meerdon Publishing
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1645710025 9781645710028
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