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Rise of the Fae

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Linsey Hall
Darkness rises. But so do I. The false queen has taken everything from me. My throne, my people, and worst of all, my mate. Her dark curse has stolen Tarron's mind and compels him to try kill me. I'll do anything to cure him and stop her. When a prophecy tells me to go find the Dragon Bloods, I know I'll be walking into a deadly situation. It won't stop me. Together, my friends and I will face hell itself to save the Unseelie Fae from the false queen. The question is...can we? Revolution is on the horizon, and it's time for a new queen.Rise of the Fae is the thriling conclusion of the hit new series The Dark Fae.
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Linsey Hall
Independently Published
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1706801785 9781706801788

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