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The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas. It is one of the author's most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers. Like many of his novels, it is expanded from plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. The story takes place

Author Alexander Dumas

Pages 1837

Publisher BookRix

Published Date 2019-06-27

ISBN 3736801378 9783736801370

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ty_3204 shared a tip "Love the book and the movie"

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joanna_valdez shared a tip "The Count of Monte Cristo has been my favorite book since I was in the 5th grade!!!"

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kristian_villarreal shared a tip "So long but so worth it! The ultimate book to add to your reading list! “Do your worst for I will do mine”!"

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celticgirl shared a tip "classic tale of survival and revenge"

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unfinished_sentenc shared a tip "Hated as a teen, love it as an adult. Best revenge story ever."

eric_grimes shared a tip "The greatest 'revenge' book ever written."

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chef_chuck shared a tip "In the anime, Edmond was blue"

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emily_teague_6710 shared a tip "Honestly it’s really hard to choose. But this one is in my top 3! I’ve read it twice and it’s just soo good"

hollis_grafe shared a tip "It’s a hard read, but after you get into it, it’s really good."

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john_nash_4572 shared a tip "I had to fight myself to put it down and go to sleep a couple nights."

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justin.eats.travels shared a tip "Only ready the full unabridged version"

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shannon_butler_5755 shared a tip "The three musketeers, the sequel twenty years after,"

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shannon_butler_5755 shared a tip "Sorry I double commented"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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paigero757 shared a tip "I love this book, I also like the movie, they both have great plot lines"

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marek_szerejko shared a tip "I can't say. It's difficult to select favorite part."

chris_dyba shared a tip "It was great"

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cynthia_teter shared a tip "Revenge with a twist"

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cassgeez shared a tip "My all time favorite storyline"

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cassgeez shared a tip "Intricate plot"

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jenness_drake shared a tip "My all-time favorite book, hands down 📕😍💕"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

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lucy_young_6550 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS BOOK! It’s so exciting and thrilling!"

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amanda_blacksmith shared a tip "This should take you around 31 hours and 18 minutes to read at 200 words per minute."

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macie_cantrell shared a tip "My favorite ever"

vickie_ihrig shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites. Read it first, then watch The Shawshank Redemption."

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pris_lee shared a tip "The movie and the book are very different... there is more than one villain"

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alyssa_giglia shared a tip "It's my all time fav. He's kind of hell bent of revenge but it's why I love the book."

cj_harral shared a tip "This book is amazing and will keep you reading!"

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nathan_fastenau shared a tip "Everyone gets there comeuppance, even the good guy."

chloe_4851 shared a tip "Best book ever!"

Kimberly Yarbrough's profile image

kimberly_yarbrough shared a tip "One of my to ten."

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darrell_pearson shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time and the movie with Jim Caviezel is my favorite movie."

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matt_williamson shared a tip "An epic but very human tale about the emotions and cost of revenge and the necessity of mercy. My favorite book of all time!"

monica_davidson_2653 shared a tip "It's a long one, but it's my favorite book of all time 😁@sarahlong21"

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daniel_clark_375 shared a tip "Spectacular."

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jay_cook_8524 shared a tip "If you make it through the first third (slow) you will love it"

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lydia_rose_ shared a tip "Obviously a classic! Betrayal, Revenge, and Love at its finest!"

makayla_young_7096 shared a tip "Such a good book has action and adventure and is very entertaining don’t let the amount of pages decisive you it it so worth it"

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tony_diaz_5124 shared a tip "Specifically the Richard Mattews Version by penguin random house audio."

lucy_wilder shared a tip "Favorite classic novel"

Julie Donohoue's profile image

julie_donohoue shared a tip "Best book I’ve ever read!!"

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damian_logan shared a tip "My all-time favorite book. I've read it four times over the years and watched four or five film adaptations."

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k._jams_d shared a tip "Really made me cry during certain parts! Although it’s a long book, it was a good read if you have the time!"

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arjay_jones shared a tip "This book lives in my head rent free. There’s a reason it’s a classic."

Ryan Nebblett's profile image

ryan_nebblett shared a tip "The greatest work of literary fiction ever put to pen."

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peach_fuzz_2857 shared a tip "There are some typos in this version, but it's still amazing. I need to read the unabridged version to see if it is loyal to it."

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