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A fast-paced teen revenge-thriller from the author of Dial A for Aunties, The Obsession will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.Boy Meets Girl. Boy Stalks Girl. Girl Gets Revenge.Logan thinks he and Delilah are meant to be.Delilah doesn't know who Logan is.Logan believes no o

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Author Jesse Q. Sutanto

Pages 320

Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.

Published Date 2021-02-02

ISBN 172821517X 9781728215174


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kiya_williams_4911 shared a tip "I love this book, as soon as I got it I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone who love a good thriller!"

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malia_lambert shared a tip "i love how this book had so much character development"

Malia Lambert's profile image

malia_lambert shared a tip "i finsihed this book on the second day of having it. i wish it was longer but it was pretty good"

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gabriela_mejia_v shared a tip "It’s a good read that you wont be able to put down."

Jessica Elise Thompson's profile image

jessica_elise_thomp shared a tip "One of the best mysteries I have ever read! Such great detail and plot twists it was just so good and I couldnt stop reading!"

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MattyBRaps shared a tip "i liked this book a lot more then I would"

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leah_3170 shared a tip "Really good. I really liked how the fl is really smart."

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iluvvgoths shared a tip "I absolutely love this book. I especially love the twists in this book!"

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sara_patterson shared a tip "Literally lived it and omg the twist the huge ******* twist was amazing"

jane_noel shared a tip "So good! I didn’t want to put it down!"

Lemming Castilo's profile image

lemming_castilo shared a tip "Became one of my favorite books, kept me hook through the entire book. And the ending is absolutely amazing!"

Potato 's profile image

PotatoDaFrenchie shared a tip "I loved the story line but I wish it lasted longer!!!"

Rat Shell's profile image

rachel_peralta shared a tip "Woah"

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TheOhsFurry shared a tip "Very tense, very full of twists, and very much an amazing read."

Greta DeSmidt's profile image

greta_desmidt shared a tip "Bro I haven’t even gotten through chapter four and I’m absolutely destroyed. Low key great tho"

Leilani Farrell's profile image

leilani_farrell shared a tip "It was good but definitely not the best book I’ve read."

gracie 's profile image

gracie_dewling shared a tip "one of my favourite books ever. stan Delilah"

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lookingforleo shared a tip "Such a good story line everything comes together and falls apart"

Brielle Anderson's profile image

brielle_anderson_1409 shared a tip "This book reminds me of “you” the netflix series. It’s a really great book for some one that likes suspense."

hevoutz !!'s profile image

hevoutz_ shared a tip "Unexpected twists at the best times when you least expect it, but it's interesting the entire way through."

Kenzie<3 's profile image

Kenzie_55 shared a tip "I also loved “The Fear” by Natasha Preston!!"

Karen (:'s profile image

karen_15luv shared a tip "I LOVE A MAJOR PLOT TWIST"

Joslyn Leaman's profile image

joslyn_leaman shared a tip "I wish there was more to the ending!"

ashlee swart's profile image

ashlee_swart shared a tip "It was a little too much like the show You for my liking, but it was still very well written and sucks you in."

Lexi Wilde's profile image

lexi_wilde shared a tip "The twists were incredible! It’s one of few books I wish I could read it agin for the first time!"

ava__3104 shared a tip "I loved the plot twist"

lily_womack shared a tip "Could not put this book down!"

Ali Cowart's profile image

ali_cowart shared a tip "It’s such a page turner with its suspense, and even scary writing. Left me thinking about it for days after finishing"

Rebecca Bohl's profile image

rebecca_bohl shared a tip "Interesting plot twist, things don't turn the way you think they do. Once I started I couldn't stop until I finished."

Dylan Lynn's profile image

dylan_lynn shared a tip "YESSSSS GOD YES. It's ABSOLUTELY amazing. 100% my favorite book!"

Amber Lutsock's profile image

amber_king21 shared a tip "Call me crazy but I was kinda routing for Logan 🤏"

707 DD's profile image

707_dd shared a tip "It's a page turner, I never get bored. Every chapter hooks you more."

Tess Serrano-Youmans's profile image

tess_serrano-youmans shared a tip "Just finished this book. Soooo good!"

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hadley_4958 shared a tip "THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Claudia Salas's profile image

claudia_salas_9303 shared a tip "Twisted horror of an obsessive guy and a girl who is fed up with men controlling her"

emma_5667 shared a tip "such a page turner, and it could’ve ended so many ways."

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TrippyHippie shared a tip "THIS WAS SOOOO GOOOODDDD this book would definitely be liked by people who are interested in murder and or A TWISTED ENDING"

Scarlett Sutermeister's profile image

scarlett_sutermeist shared a tip "I loved this book so much. The multiple POVs made it so much better and I love the descriptive details!!"

isabella_januario shared a tip "I couldn’t pick up another book after this book i just kept thinking about it , amazing"

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justxdominique shared a tip "there were a lot of plot twist and cliffhanger at the end of most chapters and i absolutely LOVED that!!!"

Regan Jaap's profile image

regan_jaap shared a tip "Loved! Had great plot twists and detail."

emma_fisher_5030 shared a tip "Halfway thru this book and I’m honestly already speechless…"

arianna_hurt shared a tip "LOVE the ending"

drew_chensvold shared a tip "Suspense"

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keryme_ortiz shared a tip "Great book loved how the author wrote it definitely would recommend reading it it’s jus such a great book"

iphone_._1553 shared a tip "All in one sitting very good read"

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