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Now a major motion picture: Love, Simon, starring Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford! This edition includes new Simon and Blue emails, a behind-the-scenes scrapbook from the Love, Simon movie set, and Becky Albertalli in conversation with fellow authors Adam Silvera and Angie Thomas.William C. Mor

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Author Becky Albertalli

Pages 336

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2015-04-07

ISBN 0062348698 9780062348692


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love_olateju shared a tip "Loved the book. Loved the movie. It was so cute, you can't help but love the characters"

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Anni_7 shared a tip "Loveee this book."

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kimia_rad shared a tip "Sorry for the late answer, and you're welcome! Hope you enjoy it."

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chloeb shared a tip "I really liked it. Plus, there is the movie adaptation to watch when you finish it"

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lettucehater shared a tip "Of course, a classic in lgbtq+ fiction. A must-have on this list. I cried happy tears the whole way through."

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nics_artwork shared a tip "It was really good and it talked about being gay in school etc"

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Solar_56 shared a tip "It was gay"

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winterr_p shared a tip "It was quite interesting. +5 for gay"

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kearsten_rankin shared a tip "Very cute"

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rat_broski shared a tip "I'm going to be reading "Emergency Contact" by Mary H. K. Choi and "The Sky Blues" by Robbie Couch next :)"

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lily_deters shared a tip "Good book"

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lily_deters shared a tip "Good book 👍"

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iheartmusic shared a tip "great book!! i loves the movie, and just finished reading the book:)"

Gray (Ace) Bitzer's profile image shared a tip "Cause its good 👍"

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thatonehistorynerd shared a tip "This has to be a classic gay book almost everyone has read. I loved it"

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elicia_gutierrez shared a tip "I think my favorite part was when Simon meets Blue for the first time."

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itssyd shared a tip "such an amazing book!"

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whitneynicole shared a tip "Classic mm ya romance."

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cheryl_wooten shared a tip "The book was better than the movie but the movie was pretty good also."

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sydney_scothon shared a tip "Yes"

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nat. shared a tip "I absolutely adore this book!!"

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nicole_clay shared a tip "I love this book ."

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chava_reads shared a tip "fun read. it was pretty simple which i appreciated. it’s also rather sweet. i think it’s light & fun. also absolutely hilarious"

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xx shared a tip "Read this whenever you need to laugh :)"

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paloma. shared a tip "I fell in love with this book. I saw the movie first, and the book is so much better. 100% would recommend ❤️❤️"

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jaz_patterson shared a tip "Sorry for the delayed response, Yes I find myself invested in the series of Simon and his counterparts."

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mica_hart shared a tip "It was gay and entertaining 👍 that’s all I can ask for"

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meghan_rodriguez_7914 shared a tip "probably carry on by rainbow Rowell :))"

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mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "a high school favorite, the movie did such a bad job at portraying the greatness of this book."

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xavier_cohen shared a tip "This book was my introduction to amazing gay fiction, it's always a good read!"

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av_radue shared a tip "Not specifically, I enjoyed to whole book. I will say that I wish I hadn't watched the movie before reading it though."

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amelia_frenchhorn shared a tip "Next, I'm reading The Cousins by Karen M. McManus. I'm also reading Rise by Lindsay Vonn."

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maegen_roberts shared a tip "I’m currently reading City of Bones in the Mortal Instruments series"

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mid_night shared a tip "I love them all. They're too great"

bonnie_gentile shared a tip "I saw the movie. I would like to read or audio it."

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carlos_segoviano shared a tip "the film adaptation does not do the novel justice"

julian_serrano_9006 shared a tip "I am currently reading Red. White, and Royal blue and it’s so good!"

Phoenix Milam's profile image

phoenix_milam shared a tip "Yes it's worth it"

keehos_ shared a tip "“He kisses like Elliott Smith sings.”"

keehos_ shared a tip "“He kisses like Elliott Smith sings.”"

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jaiden_nearing shared a tip "Never read the book but loved the movie and spin off show love, victor"

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_b shared a tip "This book is an amazing LGBT+ romance suitable for young adults!"

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sierra_bantillo shared a tip "I really enjoyed the realness of the narrator and his disdain for Martin "fcking" Addison!"

jennifer_descant shared a tip "Even better than the movie!"

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ruth_mclean shared a tip "I love this book so much. 100 percent would recommend"

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kayleigh_fetters shared a tip "#drama #romance #thriller #romantic_comedy @Likewise"

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jacob_smulewitz shared a tip "Upside of unrequited. But the one you HAVE to read is Felix ever after! It’s amazing."

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diamond_storm shared a tip "It's so worth it to read I would read it again if I owned it but sadly I don't but I do plan to buy again"

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timothy_monroe shared a tip "You're welcome. 👍"

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kenny_danger shared a tip "yw!"

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sydney_renee_6732 shared a tip "I’m currently on a Colleen Hoover kick. Ugly Love was first and I fell in love instantly. Now I’m reading It Ends With Us!"

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EdwardCocaine shared a tip "i cried"

luke_mattsom shared a tip "So ******* good. Might have maybe even made me cry"

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maya_bell shared a tip "SO GOODDDDDDDDD"

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tatiana_rubi shared a tip "It’s such a good romance!"

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nichelle_9606 shared a tip "Loved it🖤"

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mehki_turner_3672 shared a tip "The plotline and characters were AMAZING!!! It is one of my favorite books :)"

desiree_rabino shared a tip "I read it in a day! It is very warm and heartfelt!"

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noelle_barnotty shared a tip "Cuz it's gay and emotional"

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Axel7 shared a tip "Great read would highly recommend"

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alexandra_orr shared a tip "Abby"

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madison_lovesbooks shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! I’ve read this book a million times over!"

grace_6832 shared a tip "Adorable and emotional, and very funny"

emma_shideler shared a tip "Ummm I currently reading The Ballad of A Songbird, by Susan Collins."

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cowboys_in_love shared a tip "Absolutely! It's a bit different from the movie, in a good way, and is a very "feel good" story"

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ellienct shared a tip "My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye at the moment"

lala__9852 shared a tip "The movie even better 5 stars"

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kayle_tilden shared a tip "I love the book the Astonishing color of after by Emily X.R.Pan"

jordan_morton_8649 shared a tip "Definitely worth it. I loved it and read it so quick. Plus you can watch the movie after."

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ka100118 shared a tip "Cute read if your looking for something LGBTQ to start. #drama #lgbtq"

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eliana_palmer shared a tip "really good book, and it kept me hooked. shows how sometimes the unexpected can happen in the most magnificent ways 💗"

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annie_moretto shared a tip "I loved Simon!! I rooted for him every step of the way"

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victoria_lavway_1778 shared a tip "I love the entire book but the moment with blue are my favorites."

Brandee_Bee 's profile image

brandee_bee shared a tip "Sadly no im stuck inba cycle of repeating books! Rn im rereading the twilight series"

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crazy_ducks shared a tip "Not now, I'm rereading the hunger games lol"

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crazy_ducks shared a tip "I'm open to suggestions though!"

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camping_with_callie shared a tip "Know problem! 🙂"

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PuppyDog shared a tip "This book is sugary sweet and wholesome. Something we need more of lately."

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jasmine_armstrong shared a tip "Right now I'm reading religion in death lol"

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luna_lee_6387 shared a tip "Definitely!!"

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ella_mccharen shared a tip "very very good, it’s a cute lgbtq+ read!! <3"

katye_rios shared a tip "In my opinion, yes. It’s a cute coming of age story, I don’t know many like it"

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aaron_barth shared a tip "definitely!!"

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elizabeth_nichols_8342 shared a tip " the way it was MEANT to be read"

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katie_7635 shared a tip "No"

Gayatri Sarkar's profile image

gayatri_sarkar shared a tip "Yes i think the author meant for us to see the story however we like to interpret it. Which will make the story feel like our own"

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parmida_k shared a tip "I recently read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and I loved it. Highly recommend"

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cadyskeychain shared a tip "LOVE"

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jennifer_gagne_9373 shared a tip "Hope you love it!!!"

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LESBIANBARBIE shared a tip "this book gave me the guts to come out so"

jinan_zayed shared a tip "No problem 😁😅"

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itsss_.kendall shared a tip "it’s not like this one but it called “The Fault In Our Stars”. its pretty sad though"

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candace_perrigan shared a tip "I just got that book yesterday but haven’t started reading it yet. Ive also saw the movie a couple of times."

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erin_larson_453 shared a tip "It caused a sexuality crisis which lead me to my ongoing gender crisis. So yeah, I'm queer"

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anna_huber_9337 shared a tip "I’ve read this book like 10 times. Way better than the movie!"

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emma_malacz shared a tip "Idk I have a lot of books I like. But I love, ‘They Both Die At The End’ What is your favorite read?"

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jenna_gilmore shared a tip "This was so good! Different from the movie if you have seen that, so be ready for that!"

binie shared a tip "Sweet, funny and adventurous"

dave_howe_8603 shared a tip "Very real. Nicer than back in tge 70's. No beating up Fa%g$"

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laura_lanyi shared a tip "Right now I'm reading Jay's Gay Agenda"

evy_campos shared a tip "It’s such a great read! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!"

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b_d_1144 shared a tip "Colleen hoover books.. how about you?"

valeria_pinto shared a tip "Highly recommend it!! I fell in love with all of the characters and kept me hooked"

eileen_gillick shared a tip "Movie pretty good"

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paxton_ shared a tip "Mlm. High school. Easy read"

alyssa_2893 shared a tip "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong"

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