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- A New York Times and USA Today bestseller - Book of the Month Club 2016 Book of the Year - Second Place Goodreads Best Fiction of 2016A beautiful and provocative love story between two unlikely people and the hard-won relationship that elevates them above the Midwestern meth lab backdrop of their

Author Bryn Greenwood

Pages 352

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2016-08-09

ISBN 1250074134 9781250074133

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Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "This one is a little twisty on morality, but it reminds us that in life, nothing is really as black and white as it seems."

Gillian Strahlendorf's profile image

gillian_strahlendorf shared a tip "In my top 5 books of all time. Sometimes difficult to read, but the story and characters are unforgettable."

Tashima Ivey's profile image

tashima_ivey shared a tip "Honestly, I've never read it. I really want to"

Ashley Muller's profile image

ashley_muller_6645 shared a tip "So good! Couldn’t put it down!"

Valerie Westley's profile image

valerie_westley shared a tip "Hard to read but worth it."

Gayan Hutchinson's profile image

gayan_hutchinson shared a tip "I read this book a few years ago and I still think about the characters."

Gail Herlick's profile image

gail_herlick shared a tip "Powerful, dark read but so riveting I could not put it down."

lacie_beasley shared a tip "Couldnt put it down. Dark, sweet and enticing"

charlie_sauls shared a tip "Not for everyone. Trigger heavy material and controversial relationship choice."

madye morey 's profile image

madye_morey shared a tip "teensy ****** up in its own way"

Cyndi Hildebrand's profile image

cyndi_hildebrand shared a tip "Such complex relationships and characters. I will 100% read it again."

Sarah Womack's profile image

sarah_womack_4083 shared a tip "406 pages"

Ruby Wyatt's profile image

ruby_wyatt shared a tip "Im not sure about the age gap, but she did write some interesting interpersonal relationships. I enjoyed it overall."

Marie Lise's profile image

marie_lise shared a tip "So good! Well worth the read."

Crystal Krawford's profile image

kittyscrystalarium shared a tip "This will not be for everyone but it's a great story that hits you in the feels."

Megan Marie's profile image

bookworm.meg shared a tip "It’s the best book I’ve read so far in 2021!"

Ruth Park's profile image

ruth_park shared a tip "Colleen hoover books!!! maybe someday, ugly love, it ends with us, i finished them all in a day bc i couldn’t put them down!"

Rebecca Bianconi's profile image

rebecca_bianconi shared a tip "It was so all over the place with such sadness and joy!"

evelyn_clayton shared a tip "love this book so much, I've read it multiple times!"

Hannah Phillips's profile image

hannah_phillips_565 shared a tip "This book made me very uncomfortable at times… but now it’s over, and I can’t help but wonder what Wavy is getting up to now."

tanya_3053 shared a tip "Pretty strong !"

kelly_carman shared a tip "This was one of the best books I’ve ever read 100/10 recommend"

Miranda Bonifay's profile image

miranda_bonifay shared a tip "I could not put this one down!! I hve no idea how to feel."

somegirl010 shared a tip "Extremely well written, can be very controversial overall Such a good book. One of my favorites."

Amy Erramouspe's profile image

amy_erramouspe shared a tip "Great book! Loved it"

khaos_6602 shared a tip "I couldn’t put this one down. Well written, engaging and and I found myself rooting for controversy."

Haley Michelle's profile image

haley_michelle shared a tip "I know it deals with some tough subjects, but this book continues to live in my mind and I would reread it anytime."

Christina Pugh's profile image

christina_pugh shared a tip "Unique and beautifully written; pushes boundaries and makes you think."

Jennifer Sarrgent Murray's profile image

jennifer_sarrgent_m shared a tip "Great read."

Kati Gilmore's profile image

kati_gilmore shared a tip "My favorite book of all time"

Aspen Schuyler's profile image

aspen_schuyler shared a tip "Should I stick with this book? Or does it just continue to cover the “love story”(🤢) between a grown ass man and a child???"

Ameira M's profile image

ameira_m shared a tip "An excellent read. The characters and their stories immerse you in their world. A real page turner!"

Genevieve Capolongo's profile image

genevieve_capolongo shared a tip "an oddly amazing love story that’s unapologetically real."

Tina Geddis's profile image

tina_geddis shared a tip "Dark twisted take"

kelly_oleary_4066 shared a tip "Yes! It's a great read that really pulls at the heart."

Robin T's profile image

robin_t shared a tip "It was EXTREMELY well-written. An uncomfortable and controversial subject but can't deny good writing."

Claire DaRos's profile image

claire_daros shared a tip "It was different. I love the contrasting ages, although a bit shocking."

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