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The Instant New York Times Bestseller! As seen on THE VIEW! A BuzzFeed Best Summer Read of 2021 When a fake relationship between scientists meets the irresistible force of attraction, it throws one woman's carefully calculated theories on love into chaos. As a third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive S

Author Ali Hazelwood

Pages 373

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2021

ISBN 0593336828 9780593336823

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laundrya shared a tip "Heat level: sensual. Susanna Carr’s heat level index used to rank:"

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littlelady shared a tip "I read this within a day because I couldn't put it down. It was definitely cute!"

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grace_harrop shared a tip "i read this in a few hours and i’m in love with it and i don’t what to do now i can’t stop smiling"

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maddie_hutchinson shared a tip "I read this in one day… 💕"

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natalie_carrizzo shared a tip "ugh swoon worthy"

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gabrielle_harroch shared a tip "one of my favorite books! read it in one day and it was so amazing/captivating. definitely suggest reading it"

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rileyyyyy shared a tip "read this book in a day! loved it so much!!!"

laurenmr shared a tip "So good! The #science was great (coming from a science PhD) and I loved seeing a story from a #womeninscience perspective"

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nicole_kunze shared a tip "So good… read it in one day and I don’t think it’s too cheesy!"

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alexisbrook shared a tip "bought!"

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rose_gomez_4332 shared a tip "Could not put it down. Very quick read but so good."

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abbysaccount shared a tip "I’m obsessed. This book was adorable!!!"

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melody_750 shared a tip "10/10"

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audiobookie shared a tip "Very cute, very sexy, a good quick read. Great chemistry between all the characters."

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cathy_g_3142 shared a tip "Loved it"

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alashia_cody shared a tip "It was an easy, fun, cute read."

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savannah_ward_2599 shared a tip "Read in a day. So cute!"

roxanna_wawra shared a tip "I loved everything about this book. Read it in a day. This will be a reread for me."

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maya_franzen shared a tip "Bless Holden’s heart I mean HONESTLY man🙄✨🤎"

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rohie_fatajo shared a tip "I wish the book was longer I’m not ready to let go yet 😭"

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Sunshinebas24 shared a tip "I loved this one so much!"

natasha_roper shared a tip "It was an amazing read. Loved the characters and the story"

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laura_martinez_7033 shared a tip "Enemies to lovers. The banter. The nerdiness"

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catalina_katana shared a tip "I love love love love this book"

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lucarionite9364 shared a tip "I’ve recently bought this book and wanted to know if anyone that has read it liked it?"

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emma_forde_881 shared a tip "It was really good. If you ever read the upside of falling it gave off those kinda vibes"

makayla_kisling shared a tip "This books just makes me want to fall in love 😍"

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pvixp shared a tip "i love it so badly"

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lexi_seipel shared a tip "Cute and fun to read."

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lexi_seipel shared a tip "I wanted to live in this book! I binged it in just a few hours because I couldn't put it down! 5 star read!"

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madison_rose_7619 shared a tip "This was an easy read. I absolutely loved this story. I wish there was a bit more development at the end."

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rendifer05 shared a tip "This book was amazing, I fell in love with the characters so easily. Adam is just SO dreamy."

isabella_krupa shared a tip "A book that you can’t put down. A love story that makes you smile as you read!"

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mollie_sherman shared a tip "Great dynamic and love the fake dating trope"

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elly_anne shared a tip "LOVE IT!!!!!"

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hannah_olliges shared a tip "It was so predictable yet somehow still threw me for a loop and had me laughing out loud and crying and feeling all the feels."

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hannah_phillips_565 shared a tip "Sweet, funny and real"

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abzuber04 shared a tip "Soo good I couldn’t put it down!!"

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iqra_khan_4963 shared a tip "I love this book!!! Fake dating is officially the best trope ever !!"

grace_185 shared a tip "so cute omg"

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ava_davidson_5759 shared a tip "this book is so good! definitely one of my favs and i highly recommend it. it’s not too cheesy and it’s pretty funny."

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hanna_youngblood shared a tip "Read this in October and it was one of my two favorites for that month."

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sofia_sanchez_5124 shared a tip "read the whole thing in two days! such a good romance and incredibly hilarious!"

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alden_jackson shared a tip "Loved this book! Read in one sitting, super fun, interesting plot, wishing she had more books already."

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doreenmnelson shared a tip "Olive might be the most relatable protagonist ever and he only smiles for her??? ARE U SERIOUS THATS SO…"

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danielle_decook shared a tip "This had me laughing out loud and smiling through most of the book."

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djeyna_may shared a tip "#agegap #romance #comedy"

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megan_bellerose shared a tip "Well written, romance was beautiful! I couldn't put down , first book in a very long time I stayed up to read!"

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emma_gunnar shared a tip "Enemies to lovers vibes and so sweet/well written."

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marisa_mitchell shared a tip "I just started it and omgsh this book is already amazing"

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nikki_reyes shared a tip "Fake dating! Dark and gloomy for everyone but her (:"

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jeannnette shared a tip "It was very open and expressive"

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literarylola shared a tip "I related to olive to my core HAHA"

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anya_saksena shared a tip "cute, relatable, heartfelt, and funny<3"

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giselledvr shared a tip "adam is ginormous."

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ell_903 shared a tip "adam is literally perfect marry me please"

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lsquires90 shared a tip "Perfect book in so many ways!!"

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anna_cotton shared a tip "This book is elite! I love this couple’s story and their personalities. Definitely one of my all time fav romance books"

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javiriah_ shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book"

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erika_beauchamp shared a tip "It’s very captivating"

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chelsea_koenig_3975 shared a tip "Fake dating is proven to be the best trope"

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Julia..Marie shared a tip "I just finished reading this book and I loved it!!!!"

ashley_porter_8357 shared a tip "Funny"

katlin_napier shared a tip "I loved the relationship Adam and Olive had !"

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k-chan shared a tip "It was a fast, easy read! It was angsty but not too much so, and all the serious issues are resolved fairly quickly."

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chantal_lappin shared a tip "so cute"

jennifer_marchitto shared a tip "Loved this book!"

kpreads shared a tip "My new favorite romance book!"

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sydney_grant_6748 shared a tip "LOVED. Had to run laps while reading this. It’s so cute. Had me smiling and laughing throughout most of the book."