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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER“My favorite kind of whodunit, kept me guessing all the way through, and reminiscent of Agatha Christie at her best -- with an extra dose of acid.” -- Alex Michaelides, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Silent Patient Everyone's invited...everyone's a suspec

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Author Lucy Foley

Pages 400

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2019-02-12

ISBN 0062868926 9780062868923


Google 3.5


megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "8/10"

Sophie Leblond 's profile image

sophie_leblond shared a tip "I liked it great book. But it wasn't the best. I give it 7/10"

Jacquelyn Rafert's profile image

jacquelyn_rafert shared a tip "This one was very addicting, couldn’t put it down, moved quickly in a good way."

Emily G.'s profile image

emgonz0 shared a tip "-6/10, nothing crazy nothing to rave home about. All the characters suck"

Kate Holcomb's profile image

kate_holcomb_705 shared a tip "Another good one by Lucy Foley. Great twist at the end. Characters you grew to love/hate. Being set in Scotland was a plus."

ashley_3433 shared a tip "Loved this! Creepy thriller I couldn’t figure out who the body was until the end."

Rebecca Medlin's profile image

rebecca_medlin shared a tip "I loved The Guest List and this is just as good!"

gabrielle_amaro shared a tip "Slower start, but I’m happy I finished it! Good characters and plot."

lauren_9257 shared a tip "When I finished this book it left me with a void & wanting more"

alex_wall_3234 shared a tip "Slow"

Leah Robinson's profile image

leah_robinson_7875 shared a tip "The story didn’t get interesting until 70-80%. Too long to get to the page turning fun."

bryan_larson shared a tip "I just downloaded it on my iPad!!!"

Kyra D'Ignazio's profile image

kyra_dignazio shared a tip "Loved this book! Great thriller novel & great nature imagery"

cheryl_dworak shared a tip "Lots of twist and turns. Well written."

rachel_quade shared a tip "It’s a good thriller!"

tamara staton's profile image

tamara_staton shared a tip "Super gripping and interesting. Very well written"

Marion Heinz's profile image

marion_heinz shared a tip "She never disappoints"

Gals N' Books's profile image

gals_n_books shared a tip "It’s amazing!! Of course 💖"

Alicia Monahan's profile image

alicia_monahan shared a tip "I have so many! Hard to pick. I really liked her book, The Guest List."

sara_1792 shared a tip "Very slow and then the twist happened in the last few chapters as if they were rushing to just finish the book"

emily_pollock_4502 shared a tip "A page turner! Loved it!"

Allison Ealsey's profile image

allison_ealsey shared a tip "Well written and very suspenseful mystery with a twist. Would recommend."

Carrie Adams's profile image

carri3 shared a tip "Such a good read. I like how you feel like you might know what’s going on, and then things change suddenly"

Teri Moore's profile image

teri_moore_5945 shared a tip "Thoroughly enjoyed this wintry adventure which had a surprise ending"

Brenna Roach's profile image

brenna_roach shared a tip "Great story. I could not put this book down!"

Jill Lorenz's profile image

jill_lorenz shared a tip "The last hundred pages throw 10 plot twists and turns at you. I read it on a Sunday nonstop!"

Rebecca Barron's profile image

rebecca_barron_3337 shared a tip "First February book read done! Would definitely recommend to a friend :)"

Crystal Trejo's profile image

crystal_trejo shared a tip "Will keep you guess until the end and with plenty of twists and turns!"

Jeena Rantuccio's profile image

jeena_rantuccio shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Chris Morgan's profile image

BlackTee85 shared a tip "Pretty good book"

Courtney Gambrel's profile image

courtney_gambrel_1743 shared a tip "Probably the turn of the key or silent patient!! All time favs!"

Evie Peck's profile image

evie_peck shared a tip "One of my favorite reads!"

lexie_mitchell shared a tip "The epilogue is weird and pointless but the twists were really entertaining."

Casey Ricks's profile image

casey_ricks shared a tip "It had some great plot twists towards the end. I couldn't put it down."

Katie Saville's profile image

katie_saville_6646 shared a tip "It's great!! I've heard it's very much like "The Guest List" if you've ever read that one."

vickysaucer 's profile image

vickysaucer shared a tip "a bit slow at first, but i ended up reading it within 2 days T_T definitely recommend!! ^^"

Logan Smith's profile image

logan_smith_6370 shared a tip "I read this book in a weekend. It was addicting, and I really enjoyed how she kept the exciting details for the end!"

Frannie Annie's profile image

frannie_annie shared a tip "Currently loving Something in the Water. The Guest List by Lucy Foley is also fantastic! I’m a big fan of her and Ruth Ware!"

gina_flores_3636 shared a tip "Wow"

Ashley Brown's profile image

ashley_brown_7684 shared a tip "It wasn’t the most inventive thriller but it was enjoyable and had some good twists."

mireille_bradford shared a tip "Lucy Foley knows how to craft a compelling mystery that sucks the reader in and doesn’t let them go. This was great!"

j_s_4613 shared a tip "Fun"

Cindy Brenner's profile image

cindy_brenner_145 shared a tip "Surprising twist but then I thought it ended abruptly. Would have liked more post twist!"

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_barnes shared a tip "Not as good as Lucy Foleys The Guest List, took way longer to get into. I would give it a 5/10"

madison_wulff shared a tip "Loved this book! The plot twists weren’t too out the box, which made it more interesting."

helen_alonso shared a tip "It was so good!"

Sammy C's profile image

sammyc0530 shared a tip "Kept me guessing until the end but some of the twists felt forced and unnecessary"

Jennifer Cole's profile image

jennifer_cole_704 shared a tip "Loved it"

jessica_meador shared a tip "I could not get into this book. I ended up not even being able to finish it ☹️ first time I have not finished book"

Madi Cole's profile image

madi_cole shared a tip "So many twists and turns just like every other novel she creates. Love Lucy’s work!!"

sarah_park_5093 shared a tip "New Favorite Author!"

janis_swindlehurst shared a tip "Kept me gueessing"

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