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WINNER OF THE JAMES HERBERT AWARD FOR HORROR WRITING “The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.” —Stephen KingOnce every year, Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a weekend camping trip—a tradition

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Author Nick Cutter

Pages 368

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2014-02-25

ISBN 1476717753 9781476717753


Google 3.5


Samantha Leighanne's profile image

leighanneslit shared a tip "HUGE warning for very graphic body horror, but it’s still brilliant"

Charles Moore's profile image

charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "I loved it a weird mix of The Walking Dead, Alien, Lord Of The Flies , and Stand By Me ! Awesome!!!"

Libby Staebell's profile image

libby_staebell shared a tip "Really well written. I don’t suggest reading this if you have a weak stomach."

Darryl Keeping's profile image

darryl_keeping shared a tip "An all time favourite! You're not reading Cutter for a happy ending but if you want a memorable horror story, look no further."

Yasmine Saleem's profile image

yasmine_saleem shared a tip "Never look at sea turtles the same again"

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_aldieri shared a tip "It was disturbing and disgusting. I absolutely loved it. It was everything a horror read should be."

Shelbie Atwood's profile image

Catt412 shared a tip "Gruesome, horrific, disturbing. I loved it!"

Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "I had high expectations, but it didn't really do it for me. It was kind of creepy, but ultimately boring."

Jess Ament's profile image

jess_ament shared a tip "The scariest book I’ve ever read. Excellent in every way"

Thash Machine's profile image

thash_machine shared a tip "A good old fashioned horror story, reminicent of Lord of the Flies but with a repulsive contagion introduced."

Tasfia Tahiat's profile image

tasfia_tahiat shared a tip "Halfway through this and it's making my stomach turn with disgust and fear...but still loving it so far! #imightbeapsycho"

Aundie Cane's profile image

aundie_cane shared a tip "Honestly, it's soooooo good!"

TheAngelCymone 's profile image

theangelcymone shared a tip "2nd of March. An AMAZING STORY! Started slow but the ending was well worth it"

Shannon Baez's profile image

shannon_baez shared a tip "So gross but so good!"

Rebecca andersen's profile image

rebecca_andersen shared a tip "A lot of body horror and a great story build up!!"

Shelly Hollen's profile image

shelly_hollen shared a tip "This book is intense. NOT for everyone."

Colette 's profile image

queencolette shared a tip "It was the kitten scene for me."

Kelly Wells's profile image

kelly_wells_7283 shared a tip "Dark and awesome"

Amber Carpenter's profile image

amber_carpenter_4277 shared a tip "Great book! I listened to it on audiobook. Thank you for the suggestion."

Amber Carpenter's profile image

amber_carpenter_4277 shared a tip "I misread haha.. my fav part was probably the cave scene."

Jennifer Rinehart's profile image

jennifer_rinehart shared a tip "This book was amazingly creative and gruesome."

Serenity Rebrab's profile image

serenity_rebrab shared a tip "Great book! Loved the gore!!"

Tyler coyne's profile image

tyler_coyne shared a tip "Nick Cutter creates a wonderfully dreadful atmosphere in The Troop as well as Little Heaven. Great reads."

lizzy_crosby shared a tip "Not for those with a sensitive stomach. But sooooo good"

Ashley Good's profile image

ashley_good_2420 shared a tip "Suspension, horror"

Shelly Reynolds's profile image

ShellyReyn85 shared a tip "Super creepy!!"

Amber Snelling's profile image

amber_snelling shared a tip "Definitely disturbing… but like in a good way? Maybe I’m just sick."

Stranger Than Figtion's profile image

figtion shared a tip "First of all: **** SHELLY Second of all: I’m gonna need more than the usual therapy I get after finishing this book."

sydney grant's profile image

sydney_grant_6748 shared a tip "Almost gave me the vibe of a more gruesome, disgusting, lord of the flies."

Harley Murphy's profile image

harley_murphy shared a tip "I actually didn't mean to recommend this one I'm sorry I've never read it lol"

Melissa Hughes's profile image

melissa_hughes_4812 shared a tip "Very terrifying, I could only read it during the day"

Gerhard Jason Geick's profile image

gerhard_jason_geick shared a tip "This is one of the best Splatterpunk books out there. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Sinead Kelley's profile image

naygrrrl shared a tip "This one creeped me out! Very Lord of the Flies."

marie 's profile image

bearsfilter shared a tip "disgusting but i couldn’t stop reading"

Jen Jon's profile image

jen_jon shared a tip "Kinda gruesome but good"

Jay Leclair's profile image

jay_leclair shared a tip "Grosses book I've ever read (in a good way)"

MrsRopers Caftan's profile image

mrsropers_caftan shared a tip "Creepy af and kept me up, perfect for spooky season"

Kat 's profile image

katboo shared a tip "This book made me want to throw it across the room because it was so disgusting but I couldn’t put it down! This is pure horror."

Shane Hawthorne's profile image

shane_hawthorne shared a tip "A bit Gorey but a solid read."

K Straub's profile image

k_straub shared a tip "I have a few, from a few different genres: Hex, Cujo, and The Loop are definitely in the top running."

lea_carpenter shared a tip "A perfect suspense with just the right amount of disturbing gore."

cade colletta's profile image

cade_colletta shared a tip "Excellent body horror, good parasite story, interesting characters"

antwon_capricole shared a tip "Amazing. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Finished in 3 days. Lord of the Flies meets The Stand."

BaileyG 's profile image

bailey_gray_2306 shared a tip "Really liked this. Fast paced, finished in a few days. Curious if any of his other books are worth looking into??"

Elizabeth Reads's profile image

leavesandreads shared a tip "So disgusting, disturbing,I was incredibly uncomfortable, but nonetheless it was amazing."

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