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THE MUST-READ MULTIMILLION BESTSELLING MYSTERY SERIES • The final book in the A Good Girl's Guide to Murder series that reads like your favorite true crime podcast or show. By the end, you'll never think of good girls the same way again...Pip is about to head to college, but she is still haunted by

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Author Holly Jackson

Pages 464

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2021-09-28

ISBN 059337987X 9780593379875


Google 3.5


jshears shared a tip "This is not a relaxing book at all!! I don’t think I have ever read so fast. The anticipation!!"

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kaylie_knox shared a tip "Omgggggg I loved this book it was so gooddddd I finally finished it today and I’m still amazed"

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jj_blondin shared a tip "A great thriller!"

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kali_onstott shared a tip "Huge twist, it was really good!"

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grace_4566 shared a tip "3⭐️: an emotional roller coaster to say the least"

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amelia_narten shared a tip "Soo good! Insane, i could not take my eyes off of it."

velvett_3650 shared a tip "The author of this trilogy really thought this trilogy through. I loved all 3 books"

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aryann_dailey shared a tip "OMG you really understand the title of the first books now. Overall great read and so interesting"

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morgan___ shared a tip "5/5 Stars"

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sloan_thompson shared a tip "5/5⭐️ JUST GO READ THIS DAMN SERIES. YOU WONT REGRET IT."

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sophia_marin_3300 shared a tip "Love the how she ended the series, made me SOB."

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lauren_bates_6681 shared a tip "started off rlly slow but the plot twist toward the end was so good."

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vivian_medina_2365 shared a tip "10/10 ending. Loved this trilogy"

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shanna_1006 shared a tip "Not finished reading but Slow in the beginning… getting good around chapter 16ish"

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alexis_woods_2250 shared a tip "I got literal chills from this book❤️"

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allie_layton shared a tip "I loved this book!!! The ending destroyed me. 😭😭😍😍"

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valeria_moss shared a tip "the best conclusion to a series!!! the way all three books came together in the end is the work of a genius"

lydia_mclean shared a tip "This book was a phenomenal finale to the good girls guide to murder series"

maddie_2308 shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD litterally had me pacing my room"

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itsdarlings.exe shared a tip "“Hey sarge, remember me?” 😭🤚"

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choco_ruby_ruby_cho shared a tip "It’s so mysterious!"

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gwen_lopez shared a tip "Great way to end the series Sad it’s over"

maddy_rose_4482 shared a tip "Very boring and i had very high expectations for it that weren’t met."

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juliacelano shared a tip "i really like this book! it was darker then the other 2 in the series but i think it was really well done!"

andrew_peterson_9591 shared a tip "Because women"

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brandy_b_5187 shared a tip "3 of 3"

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0verthinkr shared a tip "As soon as I read the last page, I bawled my eyes out and cried myself to sleep. 10/10"

audrey_mills_88 shared a tip "Bought"

sadie_mccorkle shared a tip "Great book!"

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kaeli_whitener shared a tip "An AMAZING conclusion to this series!!! A bit slow to start, but definitely worth the read!"

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ava_cahue shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD BOOK, really develops the characters struggle with addiction"

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l.brownie shared a tip "This book was amazing!! Every page is a twist!"

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bailey_dawes shared a tip "WOW , this book threw me for loop! So good! My favorite of the series!!"

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emmeline_rhoades shared a tip "I loved the other books but in this one I didn't like how pip was doing drugs and how extremely traumatized she was."

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odalys_comesana shared a tip "I loved it I couldn’t ask for a better ending :)"

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sheba_smith shared a tip "ahh it’s so well written and has a great ending"

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amira_levin shared a tip "I just finished reading Even if we break and I’m now reading She’s gone by David bell."

muskaan_7540 shared a tip "it was good but i was a little confused at the end"

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anna_gagiev shared a tip "My favourite of the series"

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emmareed shared a tip "oh my God. oh my God. oh my God."

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amina_abbad shared a tip "Cr what are y’all’s thoughts about it if you read it ?"

caspian_3959 shared a tip "Of course! This is the third book of the “Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” series so make sure to read those first."

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shaybaby shared a tip "This book was nooooot how I would have hoped her ending to have gone. I was pretty bummed with this one."

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shana_omary shared a tip "I wish this series wouldn't end!!!"

angela_hoehner shared a tip "Loved this series! Lots of action and twists from the start. Grabbed my attention and held on to it!"

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alondra_salas_3845 shared a tip "IMA CRY THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD"

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nevaeh_soupsss shared a tip "Anything by Holly Jackson or anything by Karen M McManus! I love them all."

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samantha_odonnell_4141 shared a tip "This book was amazing!! I couldn’t ever put it down. Loved all the action!!"

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summer_newell_222 shared a tip "It’s fantastic!"

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ally__3385 shared a tip "******* incredible"

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alexandria_wallace shared a tip "Tbh I haven’t even got half way through this one. I’m so mad and can’t stop reading it!"

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samantha_bustos shared a tip "what an amazing way to end the series!! i 100% recommend reading this series it’s my favorite!!"

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