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The #1 New York Times bestseller. Over 4 million copies sold!Tiny Changes, Remarkable ResultsNo matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving--every day. James Clear, one of the world's leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you ex

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Author James Clear

Pages 320

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2018-10-16

ISBN 0735211299 9780735211292


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Aug8 's profile image

aug8 shared a tip "Good one"

Aug8 's profile image

aug8 shared a tip "Worth read. Some decent nice ideas ro implement in day to day life...."

brittany_f_1696 shared a tip "Great guide to helping you change your mindset and being a better version of yourself"

Caitlin Thye's profile image

caitlin_thye shared a tip "Good step by step changes that are doable"

Jessica 's profile image

jessicarowan shared a tip "So good- for whatever habit you want to develop or get rid of with research to back."

Jess Cook's profile image

sarcasticgrl shared a tip "Need to change some habits, break bad habits, or begin great habits? This is the book for you!"

Odie Castro's profile image

odie_castro shared a tip "Loved this. Really changed my mindset on so many things. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone"

Angie 's profile image

angie_kash shared a tip "I listened to the audiobook of this! Great!"

Lisa Cravens 's profile image

lisa_cravens shared a tip "Great read! Easy to follow & implement!"

siobhan_balint shared a tip "I have a diverse taste in books. I’m now reading Homecoming. It’s excellent"

christina_stritzing shared a tip "Great guide for rethinking your own systems on personal improvement. I use the accompanying journal every day."

jolie_gentry shared a tip "honestly no i don’t. every book holds a different meaning i could never choose one."

mady_thompson_3573 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read!"

Mariah Mesa's profile image

mariah_mesa shared a tip "Practical application to everyday life"

Jiho Hani's profile image

jiho_hani shared a tip "I might read 📚"

Ana Gil Robles's profile image

ana_gil_robles shared a tip "More like a work book. Read a few pages and do the exercises."

Prateek Bhargava's profile image

prateek_bhargava shared a tip "You’re most welcome! What are you reading at the moment?"

Renee Jones's profile image

renee_jones_7469 shared a tip "Get ready to release all Bad Habits"

Sam Shirazi's profile image

sam_shir shared a tip "Life changing if you really want to"

josephine_quach shared a tip "7/10"

Samantha Ring's profile image

samantha_ring_1840 shared a tip "Such a eye opening and motivational book. Highly recommend"

Chelsea Barzal's profile image

chelsea_barzal shared a tip "Very practical and applicable"

kate_kueser shared a tip "Just started and already gaining meaningful insights!"

Genesis Thomas's profile image

genesis_thomas_7632 shared a tip "I’m into books by Colleen Hoover and books like the beach read and things like that"

Kelly McKnight's profile image

kelly_mcknight_6622 shared a tip "I am reading Where the Crawdads Sing"

Eva Collins's profile image

eva_collins_1725 shared a tip "I heard it's a good book"

Mahsa Kousha's profile image

mahsa_kousha shared a tip "Yes! If you get better 1% each day for one year, you’ll end up 37x better by the time you are done and vice versa!"

Mood-zy 's profile image

TimidArt shared a tip "This Book helped me destroy my bad habits and helped me create some good habits"

Sunaina Pawar's profile image

sunaina_pawar shared a tip "Ya it's a great book to inspire start doing new things practically😊"

Fadora Petit Jean's profile image

fadora_petit_jean shared a tip "It’s a pretty good book!"

Cierra Collins's profile image

cierra_collins_8681 shared a tip ""Dune", "the witcher", "sizing people up""

cecile_ganel shared a tip "Intelligent and easy to read. Actually felt like it had knowledge that you be implemented. Enjoyable and digestible."

Sara Anderson's profile image

sara_anderson shared a tip "By the end of the book I had already seen improvements in habits that I had tried start many times before"

Jason Cox's profile image

jason_cox_6229 shared a tip "Very clear and step by step actions to establish good habits. I found the comparison to compound interest very motivating."

Lisa Carde's profile image

lisa_carde shared a tip "Excellent audio book gets you motivated. Quick tips to start changing your life."

Mégane Pierre's profile image

mgane_pierre shared a tip "You are welcome! 😊 Let know what you think about it when you'll finish it"

Jaya Thakur's profile image

jaya_thakur shared a tip "Not sure any suggestions?"

Peyton Thompson's profile image

peyton_thompson_5918 shared a tip "Amazing book! Annotate, mark it up! Only self help book I’ve read all the way through and had a desire to continue reading."

stephanie_heg shared a tip "Good book"

emma_hamblin shared a tip "Super interesting! Highly recommend"

meenakshi nayek's profile image

meenakshi_nayek shared a tip "I completed eat that frog as well. Right now reading a fiction based on WW2. The nightingale by chritine hannah"

Leah Wood's profile image

leah_wood_3623 shared a tip "My current favorite for adopting better habits. Relatable advice that actually works."

kyra_kantaris shared a tip "8/2/21-8/22/21"

Desiree Jones's profile image

desiree_jones_3237 shared a tip "It’s been a while! But I did really enjoy it"

enleak shared a tip "Content spoken about can be applied and/or help you realize that you’re already integrating these concepts into ones life."

Christian Morante's profile image

christian_morante shared a tip "For self help it would have to be Atomic Habits, fiction; The Kite Runner, and Memoir; Greenlights"

Matthew Briles's profile image

matthew_briles shared a tip "I am listening to extreme ownership, but previous to that I listened to Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins"

kris_67 shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 yesss! It is a really good self help book about a guy’s life."

kris_67 shared a tip "It is!!"

sonja_smart shared a tip "Literally life changing!!!"

Joseph Butcher's profile image

joseph_butcher shared a tip "Great, practical book."

Ameena Hussain's profile image

ameena_hussain shared a tip "The impact of little changes are SO important ✨"

adedoyin onafadeji's profile image

adedoyin_onafadeji shared a tip "The big leap. I just rounded up on that."

adedoyin onafadeji's profile image

adedoyin_onafadeji shared a tip "I have read the alchemist and how to own your mind. I love both"

Taylor Hays's profile image

taylor_hays shared a tip "Amazing book!!!"

David Espinoza's profile image

david_espinoza_7551 shared a tip "Right now, I'm currently reading David Goggins book right now"

Rachel Smyth's profile image

rachel_smyth_570 shared a tip "The Compound Effect is similar and also good!"

Sydney Ugalde's profile image

sydney_ugalde shared a tip "life changing"

Erica Marin's profile image

erica_marin shared a tip "Great book to sit down and take a look at yourself and the world around you."

Rayf Vinson's profile image

rayf_vinson shared a tip "Life Changing"

caryn_lickerman shared a tip "Absolutely. I’m reading it now and recommend it 1000%"

test_7688 shared a tip "Simple daily reminders penned out beautifully. Loved reading through!"

kaci_gaither shared a tip "Awesome read. It will routinely be read for the rest of my life"

Kalyan Puvvala's profile image

kalyan_puvvala shared a tip ""Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior""

Rosie Rose's profile image

rosie_rose_8391 shared a tip "Eye opening for me. Like they say its the details that make a difference!!"

Britney Beversluis's profile image

britney_beversluis shared a tip "My sister in law recommended this book to me and said it was amazing."

Sandra Rodriguez's profile image

sandra_rodriguez_5121 shared a tip "I am beginning to read this book and it's interesting"

lily_lockhart shared a tip "Very easy to understand with helpful ideas"

Angela Pattria's profile image

angela_pattria shared a tip "Hoping to begin enjoying Half the Sky, story about survivors of abuse."

stacey_aarssen shared a tip "Glad to see. I found it very resourceful."

rachel_nicole_hoey shared a tip "I loved Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. Check out Oprah’s book club and Reese’s book club!"

hannah_hernandez_1987 shared a tip "Yes! I picked it up this weekend. Worth it:)"

itzel_juarez shared a tip "How to change your life one small habit a time is truly what this book is. James breaks down the habit cycle in simple terms."

Deborah Bennett's profile image

deborah_bennett_8120 shared a tip "Stories That Stick"

Heather Chan's profile image

heather_chan shared a tip "So helpful! Small gradual changes make a huge difference!"

esraa_alsaad shared a tip "same, it was full of information 👌🏻"

Gladys Mark's profile image

gladys_mark shared a tip "Re-read every time I lack the discipline to study."

Tania Vazquez Garduno's profile image

Garduno shared a tip "This book changed my way of thinking. Makes life simple."

danae_simmons shared a tip "There’s not characters. It’s a non-fiction book. One of my absolute favorites."

Landon Tafoya's profile image

landon_tafoya shared a tip "Yes it is really worth it. I have it as an audio book and it's the best self help book I found."

Ria 's profile image

HappyHam14 shared a tip "@sarahlong21 - I am currently hooked on historical fiction right now - The Alice Network. You?"

william_hammond shared a tip "Yes! It’s a quick read too and not boring!"

loyce_mods shared a tip "It’s the best book to improve productivity and achieve goals"

sophiasings_08 shared a tip "My favorite self help book!"

julio_cabrera_4736 shared a tip "It’s good, but as you know everyone gets different milage."

Bee Jäger's profile image

bee_jger shared a tip "Similar to this, I’m reading the Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander."

Molly Lee Lunsford's profile image

molly_lee_lunsford shared a tip "This really kick-started my year and gave me a handful of tools and strategies to develop new habits. Love this perspective!"

Loraine Lawson's profile image

loraine_lawson shared a tip "Really practical and sound approaches to creating new habits"

vivian_vo shared a tip "Easy to read and great for building my goals!"

Rod McFilm's profile image

rod_mcgreal shared a tip "Very concise, practical guide to losing bad habits and creating good ones. Well written and motivating."

mollie_macdonald shared a tip "This book changed my life!"

cassidy pinion's profile image

cassidy_pinion shared a tip "Contains unique ideas not often seen in other “self-help” books. Easy to read."

brendan_palmer shared a tip "Good book"

jc. shared a tip "Easy read and enjoyed it"

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