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NOVEL LEARNING SERIES(TM) THE LAST SONG by Nicholas SparksSTUDENT EDITIONSeventeen-year-old Veronica "Ronnie" Miller's life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienat

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Author Nicholas Sparks

Pages 656

Publisher Grand Central Publishing

Published Date 2014-09-09

ISBN 145558858X 9781455588589


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claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Nicholas Sparks is the Thomas Kincade of writers."

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sarah_womack_4083 shared a tip "I've been reading a lot of historical fiction lately. My favorite is The Book of Longings. So good!"

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z0e shared a tip "MUCH better than the movie! Not one of my top recommendations though"

Mya Queen's profile image

mya_queen shared a tip "It was really relatable since I’ve played piano when I was younger! A good story 👏🏻"

Shawna Monroe's profile image

shawna_monroe shared a tip "I cried so hard. It was so good"

Abigail Troxell's profile image

abigail_troxell shared a tip "I think the seven husbands by Evelyn Hugo! I'm reading daisy Jones and the six now"

isabelle_pizzuto shared a tip "did anyone else read this book? i was uncontrollably sobbing. id love to hear other readers thoughts!!!"

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mackenzie_taylor_2889 shared a tip "This was everything that I wanted from a Summer read! This is in my top 5 favorite books and is my comfort read."

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jayla_metzler shared a tip "Just love nicholas sparks"

olivia_omara shared a tip "You can’t really go wrong with any of his book! @aliwang1990"

abilyn shared a tip "I loved how throughout the whole book forgiveness was always a key factor, how abt you?"

vicky_961 shared a tip "I’m reading Not Always A Valley of Tears by Pascuala Herrera."

vicky_961 shared a tip "I finished the book I mentioned and now I’m about to begin, Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand."

morgan_gadsby shared a tip "Great love story and father daughter relationship"

mckenzie_duffy shared a tip "I LOVED the book and the movie actually, didn’t think I would like the movie. I’ve read the book twice already"

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jaimi_erwin shared a tip "Yes I've seen almost every nicholas sparks movie"

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bethany_walker shared a tip "I have! I've seen all the Sparks movies!"

barb_ketchum shared a tip "Yes absolutely loved the movie"

barb_ketchum shared a tip "Yes loved it as well"

mallory_hackler shared a tip "Thats a hard one! I think A Bend in the Road is my favorite."

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rachel_marie_2278 shared a tip "Yes very good movie"

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lori_lookadoo shared a tip "Where the Crawdads Sing I think... ❤️ what about you"

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laura_tucker shared a tip "Absolutely one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks books"

jenn_hollett shared a tip "This book tugs on all the heart's not often a book will make me cry but this one did, more than once."

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joanna_gunn shared a tip "Yes. He always writes good books. Especially if you want a good cry."

Shaylea  Kennelly  's profile image

shaylea_k shared a tip "An amazing romance and shows the importance of family"

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caitlyn_bafs shared a tip "###"

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rosemary_johnson shared a tip "I read it in one day ! I couldnt put it down"

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danielle_white_7676 shared a tip "I have enjoyed reading his books"

Dixie Connington's profile image

dixie_connington shared a tip "Loved it. Way better then the movie, though they a pretty good job"

kara_artlip shared a tip "Anything Nicholas Sparks is fabulous!"

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krystal_uribe shared a tip "Just read Girl Last Seen and that was really good! Now reading Behind Closed Doors."

Jessica McCulloch's profile image

jessica_mcculloch shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. Could read it every few years and still enjoy."

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andrea_maier_2210 shared a tip "Where the Crawdads Sing was great!"

Brianda Hernandez's profile image

brianda_hernandez_107 shared a tip "Yes, the Mexican ghothic by silvia Garcia"

Cassidy Buck's profile image

cassidy_buck_7909 shared a tip "Another great one is Tell me by Abigail Strom"

Hillary Rickman's profile image

hillary_rickman shared a tip "Yes, it's worth it"

Alicia Skoretz's profile image

alicia_skoretz shared a tip "Right now I am reading the outlander series and the hunter series."

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chloe_martinez_5642 shared a tip "such a good book"

Grace King's profile image

grace_king_8823 shared a tip "The Paris secret right now"

paula_vetere shared a tip "I loved this book. It had love, anger, tears and sorrow. A real page turner. I was glued to it"

Marie Portman's profile image

marie_portman shared a tip "I love all of Nicholas Sparks books"

Crista Lea's profile image

crista_lea shared a tip "You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it!"

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yaya_10 shared a tip "Wuthering Heights"

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mo_money26 shared a tip "Loved it! Love the movie too, but the book was so much better!"

caitlin_smith_9484 shared a tip "Such a good book. Cried my eyes out!"

mary_breilid shared a tip "Enjoy!"

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marcia_smith_8804 shared a tip "Not necessarily a favorite book, but several favorite authors!!"

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anna_conner_56 shared a tip "One of my favorites of his!"

Christina Correia's profile image

christina_correia shared a tip "Any time ☺️"

Jordan Hopkins's profile image

jordan_hopkins_8371 shared a tip "Yes I really enjoyed it! The movie is good too!"

robin_8090 shared a tip "Loved the setting and the true love that surrounded the book highly recommend!!!"

angela_fisher_3792 shared a tip "I am not entirely sure I think the notebook is a personal classic of mine"

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maria_hardenburger shared a tip "The father's death had me in tears"

Keaton Davis's profile image

keaton_davis shared a tip "Beautiful hearts series by Emma scott"

Paige Quintanilla's profile image

paige_quintanilla shared a tip "Great book! Not what I’m used to from Nicholas sparks but I absolutely loved it!"

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layla_harless shared a tip "fav by Nicholas Sparks is hands down Every Breath"

Sydney Wagler's profile image

sydney_wagler shared a tip "A lot of them. Nicholas Sparks I really enjoyed The Wedding"

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kaci_mcdonald_9952 shared a tip "If you’ve read and liked any of the other Nicholas Sparks books, you’ll love this one too."

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jennifer_jeffery shared a tip "I have many favorites! But I just read Where the Crawdads Sing and it was a great book!"

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