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The New York Times bestselling novel about a young man practicing magic in the real world, now an original series on SYFY“The Magicians is to Harry Potter as a shot of Irish whiskey is to a glass of weak tea. . . . Hogwarts was never like this.” —George R.R. Martin   “Sad, hilarious, beautiful, and

Author Lev Grossman

Pages 416

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2009-08-11

ISBN 1101082283 9781101082287

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Meghan Young's profile image

missmeghanyoung shared a tip "Harry Potter for adults!"

Meghan Jordan's profile image

meg_moony shared a tip "I will say that I prefer the television show."

Karla Butler's profile image

karla_butler shared a tip "loved this series.... better than the tv series, and that is still good...more grown up than HP"

Abby Rexroth's profile image

abby_rexroth shared a tip "I've watched several seasons, an I have the book in my Kindle waiting to be read."

C Moore's profile image

c_moore shared a tip "I want to read because I've watched the Series on Netflix"

Tammy Anahi's profile image

tammy_anahi shared a tip "I only liked this because I haven't read it yet, I should've just saved it lol"

Debbie Oland's profile image

debbie_oland shared a tip "If you enjoyed Harry Potter I think you’d enjoy these."

candice_martin_6221 shared a tip "I watched every season of the show and loved it. Guess I'll have to read the series now 😉"

ben_k_2379 shared a tip "Actually just loved the whole series"

samantha_magana_7687 shared a tip "Not really. I like anything with magic. Lolz."

Jessica Abel's profile image

jessica_abel shared a tip "I've only watched the show which was amazing I had no idea it was a book"

kristen_rasmussen_923 shared a tip "It read like a teenager writing a bad Harry Potter fan fiction. Absolutely terrible and so overhyped."

Catherine Kallaus's profile image

catherine_kallaus shared a tip "Hope you like it!"

David Browne's profile image

david_browne_7813 shared a tip ":)"

Valerie Owens's profile image

valerie_owens_4185 shared a tip "Mine too! Have you seen the TV adaptation? It's pretty great as well!"

Christophe McCray's profile image

christophe_mccray shared a tip "Looking for similar books if you knownof any."

faith_vanderveen shared a tip "Definitely!!"

Logan West's profile image

logan_west_5283 shared a tip "Brake bills probably"

Jordi Chase's profile image

jordi_chase shared a tip "I haven't read it yet. I loved the TV series, so I know that the book will be even better!"

karen_quackenbush shared a tip "Far better than the TV show!"

Rebekah Posey's profile image

rebekah_posey shared a tip "Yes, I have watched the series. Unfortunately, it was canceled after the 5th season."

Katherine Leavell's profile image

katherine_leavell shared a tip "My favorite book series of all time!"

philip_sharkey shared a tip "I read the trilogy, loved it. Currently reading The Lives of the Mayfair Witches series by Anne Rice, it’s spooky and fun."

Taylor Turner's profile image

taylor_turner_4628 shared a tip "I adore when they're turned into the birds and speak about how their thoughts and perceptions about different things are changing"

Sam Seldom's profile image

samantha_4928 shared a tip "Have you read the Harry Dresden series?"

lo_7851 shared a tip "Bookshelf! Though I haven't finished it yet. It's rare that I like the show more than the book but that's the case here"

Shanna Pankey's profile image

shanna_pankey shared a tip "On the last book of the trilogy. Will be watching the series after."

Theresa Marie's profile image

theresa_marie_1778 shared a tip "I have only read the magicians series but I think the first one is my favorite"

awesome_user_511056 shared a tip "Most satisfying ending to a wonderful series I've ever read."

lauren_spoto shared a tip "Love, love, love. Harry Potter for grown ups."

Veronica Lummus's profile image

veronica_lummus shared a tip "Definitely! Its basically a dark and dreary version of Narnia and HP ish universe!"

peaches_and_ plums's profile image

peaches_and__plums shared a tip "Love this book!!"

Megan Tomkiel's profile image

megan_tomkiel shared a tip "Harry Potter for grown-ups"

yamiris_pascual shared a tip "Fantasy and sci-fi"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Could not put down the whole series"

Moth and Wolf's profile image

moth_and_wolf shared a tip "@debra_wolf I loved the ending of it. It's a trilogy and they're all magnificent."

nicole_register shared a tip "This is a really good series.. it’s hard to make it through to the end.. but once you get there.. you just get it"

Anna Seipert's profile image

anna_seipert shared a tip "Definitely. It's my favorite"

corinne_wildeman shared a tip "So good"

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