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All seven Chronicles are bound together in this one magnificent volume with a personal introduction by Douglas Gresham, stepson of C. S. Lewis.

Author C. S. Lewis

Pages 528

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 1998-09-18

ISBN 0060281375 9780060281373


Google 4.5


kat_5327 shared a tip "I recommend this to everyone. It has something for the ten year olds, and something else for the fifty year olds."

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chemicalchica shared a tip "Must!"

michele_belle_isle shared a tip "These are my favorite books of all time."

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jacquelyn_davies shared a tip "Such an incredible series! The more times I read it the more there is to discover!"

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tina_atwood shared a tip "❤️"

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tina_atwood shared a tip "First books I ever bought with my own money"

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jenna_garrett_6666 shared a tip "Good"

h_smith_7370 shared a tip "Horse and his boy for sure!"

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kate_colvin shared a tip "This series is amazing, you will love it!"

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grace_gully shared a tip "A family story, that i have read multiple times."

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morgan_bradley_5482 shared a tip "Loved this series made me feel like I could go through a wardrobe and be transported somewhere else for a time."

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emily_smith_3486 shared a tip "That’s tough. Either The Magician’s Nephew or A Horse and His Boy."

gladis_tavizon shared a tip "Yes I do"

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jackie_dayton shared a tip "A very easy read, keeps your attention, fun and thought provoking."

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marisa_mcdonald shared a tip "A fun, short read for anyone who wants to involve themselves in a series."

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audrey_cattanach shared a tip "A core book series to my childhood"

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