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In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of fr

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Author Don Miguel Ruiz

Pages 160

Publisher Amber-Allen Publishing

Published Date 2010-01-18

ISBN 1934408018 9781934408018


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Emily G.'s profile image

emgonz0 shared a tip "Too dense while also simple minded for me? I’m in the place of my mental health journey to resonate with this. Not for me."

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "A sweet poignant read"

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kaydon_cameron shared a tip "Simple advice but I still find myself using these agreements all of the time and they are so useful!"

annie_sadecki shared a tip "Nothing at the moment."

myurell_lazo shared a tip "If you’re looking for a simple way to better yourself, this is the book for you. A simple weekend read with a lifetime of value."

samantha_brosky shared a tip "Absolutely loved it! Really changes how you see the world."

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kim_blanchard shared a tip "Enlightening!"

Martha lumatete's profile image

martha_lumatete shared a tip "Remains a great read each year. Highly recommend it."

Brigit Elizabeth's profile image

brigit_elizabeth shared a tip "If you are looking to rethink life, this is it"

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jessica_hankinson shared a tip "Everyone should read this!"

cynthia_p_6480 shared a tip "Reading something different now. Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart."

Salmeen Choudhury 's profile image

salmeen_c shared a tip "This book changed my life 😍"

diane_oryshyn shared a tip "I refer back it often!"

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NqueNeek shared a tip "I’m currently reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover! What about you?"

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EllenDegeneres shared a tip "[Source:]"

Tanoon Fraser's profile image

tanoon_fraser shared a tip "Started The Mastery of Love, but didn't finish it. You?" 's profile image shared a tip "A book that should be read over and over again."

Roman Segura's profile image

roman_segura_6075 shared a tip "It is a great book, I would have liked to read it in my youth @ellaanderson"

Natasha McCall's profile image

natasha_mccall shared a tip "I haven't finished it, but what I've read so far is really good"

megan_thomas_7774 shared a tip "Where the crawdads sing"

danielle_rangel_5892 shared a tip "Straight to the point"

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rayele_bartholomew shared a tip "Yes I do. A lot!"

Janie Lee's profile image

janie_lee shared a tip "You?"

Brianna 's profile image

brianna_2023 shared a tip "When people say this book changed their lives, they are not lying. It will change your perspective on life."

lisa basile's profile image

lisa_basile_603 shared a tip "I still refer back to it!"

Rachel Bromberg's profile image

rachel_bromberg shared a tip "Amazing. Changes my life every time i read it."

Tina Zook's profile image

tina_zook shared a tip "Great book for beginners of the enlightenment of self awareness journey."

Nicole Smith's profile image

nicole_smith_2266 shared a tip "if you are healing/starting a new chapter or want to this is a fantastic starter book"

Ana Chabeli Lopez's profile image

ana_chabeli_lopez shared a tip "I liked it a lot! Its about ancient Toltec wisdom. Think about it as a self-help book."

Zoe Zaiss's profile image

zoe_zaiss shared a tip "It’s an amazing book to try to change your outlook in yourself and others."

chanaya shared a tip "I read this overnight, fascinating ancient wisdom that is practical and beneficial! I would 100% recommend it."

gail_barrera shared a tip "This book changed my life. Live by these rules now"

Peby Santana's profile image

peby_santana shared a tip "I was really able to connect myself with the book. So many truths spoken!"

Jaime Case's profile image

jaime_case shared a tip "Definitely. I really liked The Voice of Knowledge by him too."

Maggie McElroy's profile image

maggie_mcelroy shared a tip "Definitely recommend"

joshua_lee_r. shared a tip "Yes It’s def an interesting read and makes sense when listening/reading it"

EEUU Marcela villamizar's profile image

eeuu_marcela_villam shared a tip "Interesting book about the perception of life."

amy_finkhouse shared a tip "This book got me through a ruff patch in life. Highly recommend!"

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emily_williamson_7265 shared a tip "Life changing"

yumi_robins shared a tip "This book was beautiful, profound, and life changing."

Bree Hatfield 's profile image

bree_hatfield shared a tip "This book if the advice is followed will give you a whole new outlook on life and social interactions. It’s incredible."

Seynabou Diaite's profile image

seynabou_diaite shared a tip "Oh Okay, I haven't read it yet"

Seynabou Diaite's profile image

seynabou_diaite shared a tip "It looks good"

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