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The Instant New York Times Bestseller!A speculative thriller in the vein of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Power. Optioned by Universal and Elizabeth Banks to be a major motion picture!“A visceral, darkly haunting fever dream of a novel and an absolute page-turner. Liggett’s deeply suspenseful book bri

Author Kim Liggett

Pages 416

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2019-10-08

ISBN 1250145465 9781250145468

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kaite_pederson shared a tip "It’s sooooooo good!!!"

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abby_swisher_2660 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

sabrina_3871 shared a tip "One of my favorite books, a must read."

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jama_glenn shared a tip "What I first said was the WEIRDEST book I’ve read ended with me thinking, “Wow, that was POWERFUL.”"

natalie_8196 shared a tip "I absolutely love this book ! Nothing but good things to say about it. This is on my top 5 favorite book list."

emily_osborne_4461 shared a tip "Kept my attention"

samantha_cohen_8398 shared a tip "Such an amazing book I literally could not put it down"

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susan_parker_8436 shared a tip "Your welcome this is one of my favorite books."

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trinity_paini shared a tip "Loved the female empowerment reminded me of a mix of yellow jackets and the village. I recommended to my book club"

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makayla_hayes shared a tip "This book was absolutely amazing. One of the best I’ve read in a while. Speechless."

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sydnie_beeman shared a tip "Really good but not a great ending"

christine_ward_2702 shared a tip "Fast paced, intriguing!"

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nancy_smith shared a tip "Read this in one day till 2:30am - so, technically 1+ days. Could NOT put it down."

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jessica_lewis_6349 shared a tip "This story is poignant and intense. I hope there will be a sequel."

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marley_williams_9698 shared a tip "This book was heart retching and wild. Makes u think about what ifs"

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laureen_strohl shared a tip "Onenf my favorite book this year!"

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maddy_mcdunn shared a tip "A good mystery read if you don't like very in depth thrillers, a quick read!"

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jacy_ayers shared a tip "I read this in three days. Loved the book! Reminds me a lot of The Hunger Games, but I thought it was way better."

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Kenna92005 shared a tip "Such a great book 😜"

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Kenna92005 shared a tip "Such a great book! 😜"

megan_anderson_7548 shared a tip "Hunger Games meets Handsmaid Tail. So so so good #couldntputitdown ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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jessica_miller_7859 shared a tip "In had missed feelings on the ending."

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riley_lindhardt shared a tip "Not my favorite story, but worth the read. I’m not sure if I’ll ever pick it up again, though."

katie_kowalski_118 shared a tip "Not really, I’ve read too much to count 😅"

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rachel_lange shared a tip "Hunger Games meets Handmaids Tale!"

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harley_harris shared a tip "This is honestly my favorite book now. Just finished it recently. Every girl should read this."

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sarah_b_3528 shared a tip "#dystopian #mustread loved every second!"

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pashia_braunesreith shared a tip "Reminds me a little bit of a female only hunger games. Good read."

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angel_marie_5590 shared a tip "Such a thrilling read with alot of great messages"

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jordyn_brandenburg shared a tip "Omg best book ever!!!"

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cassandra_kenworthy shared a tip "Amazing storytelling. I was saddened by the end of the book."

allison_r_3363 shared a tip "Oh god it was just so good! I ordered it immediately after finishing!"

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kennedy_parrish shared a tip "A spooky, gritty, survival story with major girl power on every page."

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sch_437 shared a tip "Writing could be a tad cliché at times but the storyline is very interesting"

kristen_salazar shared a tip "Loved it"

awesome_user_830712 shared a tip "A wonderfully intense, lord of the fliesesque story. I wasn’t bored at a single part"

caroline_babbitt_3194 shared a tip "Terrifyingly feminist and so empowering and also really makes you think and it’s frightening but empowering, if that makes sense"

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michiij shared a tip "I finished this book fast! I didn’t want it to end! It’s a great book!"

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liz_lelia shared a tip "Super awesome! Can’t put it down"

Riley Paige *'s profile image

riley_paige_ shared a tip "I LOVE this book I really really recommend it !!"

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jules_galgan shared a tip "This book was so surprising and by the end I had felt at least 100 emotions. Such a good read. I couldn’t put it down."

Morgan DelSignore's profile image

morgan_delsignore shared a tip "The best book I’ve read thus far!"

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grace_stevenson_8900 shared a tip "Really good story...I little disappointed with the end though"

Lechelle Creech's profile image

lechelle_creech shared a tip "The Grace Year is definitely better than most but I did really enjoy the Reached trilogy"

awesome_user_903072 shared a tip "it had twist and turns and was just a book that had my arguing first sentence"

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nicole_wilson_7850 shared a tip "It was a combo of hand maids take and hunger games. Loved the ending"

ginger_woodland shared a tip "Hunger Games x Handmaids Tale"

Rio Canas's profile image

rio_canas shared a tip "It was captivating and the end was a great twist!"

Blake McDaniel's profile image

blake_mcdaniel shared a tip "Entertaining read with beautiful prose!"

Audrey Hagege's profile image

audrey_hagege shared a tip "Its Lord of the Flies meets Handmaid Tails very interesting read highly recommend!!"

Katelyn Harrelson's profile image

katelyn_harrelson shared a tip "The story was good. The ending was GREAT. Had me in tears!"

grace_biondi shared a tip "Soooo good! A lite hard to follow with the audio book because there aren’t any chapters. Just so good!"

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natali_bacon shared a tip "September"

Brittany Vosen's profile image

brittany_vosen shared a tip "My new favorite book!!"

Kristen Colei's profile image

kristencolei shared a tip "Like Hunger Games meets The Handmaids Tale meets Lord of the Flies. You won’t be able to put it down!"

LISA THOMAS's profile image

lisa_thomas_3628 shared a tip "Hunger games meets handmaiden tales….so good!"

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alex_olsen shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book! I read it in two days and couldn’t put it down."

ashley_campbell_3256 shared a tip "It’s like Mean Girls meets Hunger Games."

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myan_empire shared a tip "I finished this in two days. It was an amazing feminist read, but the ending was a little confusing."

maya_mayan shared a tip "one of the best ya dystopian books i have read. Its a amazing book would definitely recommend if you want a baddass protagonist!"

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mary_jane_dewitt shared a tip "Really engaging and intense. Made me question feminist ideals"

Pebbles 's profile image

pebbles_crabtree shared a tip "This book was amazing. It was a little distubing but it had me hooked and wanting to find out what happenwd next."

rileyoconnor14 shared a tip "Super unexpected! A great book that borders on The Handmaids Tale, however, it is not as heavy and still gets the theme across"

Fran Hogan-Bimler's profile image

fran_hogan-bimler shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read! Lots of twists and very fast paced!"

Jazlyn King's profile image

jazlyn_king shared a tip "Amazing story that ties in so well at the end and made me cry multiple times. I just want to find another book like this one!"

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isabel_ramos_7518 shared a tip "Hard to put down"

jojo_4530 shared a tip "This book is so well written!!"

Emily Salinas's profile image

emily_salinas_9033 shared a tip "Definitely, had great romance and plot. It can also be gory though"

Sarah Winston's profile image

sarah_winston_5972 shared a tip "Riveting! I couldn’t put this down! Thank goodness I checked out the audiobook!"

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asheli_king shared a tip "Amazing, cried a few times!"

Evelyn Wallace's profile image

evelyn_wallace shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!"

Aliyah Conner's profile image

aliyah_conner shared a tip "I think the cover is a little misleading but I am obsessed with this entire book❤️#fantasy #dark_fantasy"

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kat_elisabeth shared a tip "I can not get over how obsessed with this book I am. I stayed up at night thinking about this book."

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spooks_ shared a tip "one of the best books i've ever read"

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