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Cristina Alger
'Full of surprises you truly don't see coming' HARLAN COBEN'Instantly gripping and compulsively readable' RILEY SAGERGuilty or innocent? The primary suspect in a murder case is her father ... FBI Agent Nell Flynn has come home for the first time in a decade following her father's death. But almost immediately she is drawn into one of his last murder investigations. Two women have been found dead, the second body showing up shortly after Nell's arrival. And Nell quickly realizes the evidence points to one clear suspect - her own father. His colleagues and friends are covering for him, and Nell has no idea who she can trust or what may have been hidden from her. Desperate for answers, she is drawn deeper into the case. But is she prepared for what she might find?What READERS are saying about GIRLS LIKE US'I devoured every page of this novel, and stayed up way past my bedtime, because walking away wasn't an option''GIRLS LIKE US is a solid 5 star read!''Wow! Extremely atmospheric, well thought out and with great attention to detail, this book is just brilliant''I really couldn't put the book down as I followed Nell searching for answers''An excellent thriller!''This was a great pager turner and I had a hard time putting in down''I particularly enjoyed all of the strong, smart female characters. I was sorry for it to end!'What REVIEWERS are saying about GIRLS LIKE US'Alger expertly ratchets up the suspense all the way to the explosive finale' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY'Tension becomes nearly unbearable as Nell realizes she truly can't trust anyone' KIRKUS REVIEWS'GIRLS LIKE US is a smart thriller that will keep you guessing' POPSUGAR
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Cristina Alger
Hodder & Stoughton
Published Date
1529351715 9781529351712
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