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This engaging, collectible, miniature hardcover of the Orson Scott Card classic and worldwide bestselling novel, Ender's Game, makes an excellent gift for anyone's science fiction library.“Ender's Game is an affecting novel."—New York Times Book ReviewOnce again, Earth is under attack. An alien spec

Author Orson Scott Card

Pages 448

Publisher Tom Doherty Associates

Published Date 2017-10-17

ISBN 0765394863 9780765394866


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Dylan Sanders's profile image

dylanjs shared a tip "A classic, amazing series. Reads well as a stand-alone too"

Liz Marshall's profile image

marseliz shared a tip "Sci fi for people who don't like sci fi! Really compelling."

Rachael Pitts's profile image

rachael_pitts shared a tip "No favorite part, but this is just the first in a pretty good series"

candice_a. shared a tip "I loved this book, I might just reread it!"

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alex_widrow shared a tip "Ender"

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louise_helton shared a tip "The movies follows loosely, but did not really portray the emotional struggles that ender had."

jessica_steele shared a tip "Good space station school vibes"

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jerry_sals shared a tip "The additional books that follow are also very good. Speaker for the Dead, Ender’s Shadow (about Bean), etc"

Matthew Williams's profile image

matthew_williams_1932 shared a tip "No, I had forgotten about it entirely."

Ann Smith's profile image

ann_smith_9266 shared a tip "Don't know why can't see all comnent"

Maddie Herbert's profile image

_mherb_ shared a tip "I don't know, probably the entire thing."

fredd_miller_ shared a tip "One of my favorites"

Eric Standlee's profile image

eric_standlee shared a tip "Couldn't put it down"

Allison Dicks's profile image

allison_dicks shared a tip "I read it so long ago I don't remember lol"

Carey Cameron's profile image

carey_cameron shared a tip "Yup. Never as good as the book but still enjoyed it."

kathy_libby shared a tip "Gteat story a classic"

Chance Mock's profile image

chance_mock shared a tip "yes you should this is a thrilling page turner of a book with a huge twist in it."

nolan_bly shared a tip "Quite possibly my all time favorite."

Ashley Kooima's profile image

ashley_kooima shared a tip "Love this book/series"

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