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This Stormlight Archive discounted ebundle includes: The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, OathbringerThe #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson!The Stormlight Archive is the wildly imaginative epic fantasy from New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson: welc

Author Brandon Sanderson

Pages 3570

Publisher Tom Doherty Associates

Published Date 2018-05-08

ISBN 1250305411 9781250305411

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Jess Effect's profile image

jess_effect shared a tip "Incredible series. Must read for any hard-core fantasy fans."

Eric G's profile image

eric_gwinn shared a tip "Simply one of the best epic fantasy’s written."

Jocelyn Wolcott's profile image

jocelyn_wolcott shared a tip "Never read his stuff but I can’t wait to try."

Amber Garner's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "So freaking good! It is breath taking and will make you wish you could travle there."

bridget_gustad shared a tip "This is the greatest series of all time. But it is best to read Elantris, Mistborn, and Warbreaker first"

compassion_riley shared a tip "The second one"

Luiza Biaggi's profile image

luiza_biaggi shared a tip "The best"

Trevor Nelson's profile image

trevor_nelson_4843 shared a tip "Amazing books"

Mike Burns's profile image

mike_burns_603 shared a tip "Unbelievable series"

Faith Hancock's profile image

faith_hancock shared a tip "Oh yeah! Brandon Sanderson is awesome. I read his Mistborn series that was a great read."

Riley Ogg's profile image

riley_ogg shared a tip "Patrick Rothfuss, but he only has two books. Terry Goodkind is a close second"

Justin Datchler's profile image

justin_datchler shared a tip "One of my favourite series that I have read. Just finished it earlier this year."

Justin Datchler's profile image

justin_datchler shared a tip "One of my favourite series that I have read. Just finished it earlier this year."

faith_7002 shared a tip "One of my favorite series of epic storytelling."

Derek Oleksyn 's profile image

4_theloveofag shared a tip "Very good read"

Bob Dickerson's profile image

bob_dickerson_8681 shared a tip "Compelling and Gripping fantasy like you havent experienced before. The story, character development, and"

holzymeg shared a tip "Lots of world building. They're a big read, but if you like fantasy, you HAVE to read it."

Alex Tolman's profile image

alex_tolman shared a tip "Love the author. I haven't read a book of his I haven't liked. The way of kings, as well as the mistborn series are my favorites."

Sarah Brozny's profile image

sarah_brozny shared a tip "Complex characters with diverse histories, new take on a fantasy world. Excellent worldbuilding"

Oseas Martinez's profile image

oseas_martinez shared a tip "Currently on Rhythm of War. I am in awe at the world building."

Enoch Harker's profile image

enoch_harker shared a tip "It was a gripping tale written to perfection."

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