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The Skull Ruler image

The Skull Ruler

Penelope Sky
He was supposed to return me-but he chose to keep me instead. Balto and Lucian finally came to terms on their agreement. Balto would finally get what he wants-and Lucian would get back his wife. But at the last moment, Balto listened to my pleas and chose me over everything else. Now he's vowed to kill Lucian so I can finally have my freedom. But the truth is-I don't want freedom. I want Balto-and I want him for the rest of my life. This time together has deepened my feelings to bottomless depths. Lucian tortured me, but Balto healed me. But he's the Skull King, so he'll always have enemies, always be dangerous. He says their no future for us. But I'm far more scared to live without him than take on those risks. I'd rather die beside him than live a lifetime with someone else. He can try to push me away-but it won't work. Pick up the last installment of this dark romance bestseller 2023 now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page. This dark alpha male romance trilogy is also available in Kindle Unlimited!
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Penelope Sky
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