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“Sweetly funny.” —Entertainment Weekly New York Times bestselling author Lara Jean’s letter-writing days aren’t over in this surprise follow-up to the bestselling To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You.Lara Jean is having the best senior year a girl could ever hope for. She is h

Author Jenny Han

Pages 336

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2017-05-02

ISBN 1481430505 9781481430500

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good when I read it #read"

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isha_srivastava shared a tip "The best book/movie a must recommend if you like rom-com!"

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madison_morgan_8722 shared a tip "Currently I am ready the Shadow and Bone trilogy because I'm curious about all the hype."

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soulmoon shared a tip "Read post before last .. lol 🤭"

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gabby_robinson_2975 shared a tip "Own a paperback copy"

brianna_rodriguez_8921 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book sooo much"

maddy_ shared a tip "Always and Forever, Lara Jean is a great book to read!"

tiffany_boxill shared a tip "Count your lucky stars by Alexandria belle fleur is amazing. Granted it’s defiantly a different genre than this book but amazing"

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jocelyne_churchill shared a tip "It’s one of my comfort books"

isabelle__ shared a tip "Way Way better than the movie you have to read this"

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shiloh_amah shared a tip "i loved this one too"

ashley_mac_2545 shared a tip "nope! not yet!"

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ashlee_durand shared a tip "Hmmm! Idk there’s so many. I’ve been super into Colleen Hoover lately!"

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delayna_mashak shared a tip "I'm currently reading "the people we neet on vacation" by Emily Henry, I am loving it so far"

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serifina_dawan shared a tip "A must read is Kennedy fox this is war and this is love duet series"

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mgn_trrnc_ shared a tip "This book was lovely to read"

merliah_plantain shared a tip "Currently reading the lifeguard by Deborah blumenthal!"

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debbie_mundt shared a tip "I love this books .I feel like. You are wonderful and enjoy your day every . thanks."

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darianna_anderson shared a tip "I love how much of a hopeless romantic I am because of these books"

mark_mullin shared a tip "zoo"

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torrin_la shared a tip "Anyone suggest something similar to bungo stray dogs? #anime #suggestions"

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lovely_karlyle shared a tip "The relationships with her family"

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niyacia shared a tip "Love this book. Hate the movie. I’m sure if you hated this movie adaptation THIS certainly will make up for it."

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barb_akregel shared a tip "I’m almost finished with a suspense book by Lisa Gardner called The Perfect Husband pretty scary"

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lily_shimick shared a tip "I just liked Lara Jean but otherwise it was a fine book"

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najah_g shared a tip "it’s a really good book!"

tina_ware-walters shared a tip "It was light, sweet and entertaining."

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ashlee_foxworth shared a tip "Of course! It’s such an amazing book!"

autumn_godson shared a tip "Always makes me cry - I’m a sucker for romantics!!"

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harley_rhoden shared a tip "It was a vary heart felt book and I liked how it made it hard to put the book down"

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dallas_bowe shared a tip "Right now I’m reading a lot of Contemporary Romance!"

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natalia_luna shared a tip "I really like the movie so I thought I would like the book"

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rachel_solgat shared a tip "yes I love her! Her other series is one of my favorites!"

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becky_wallace shared a tip "Haven’t read it!"

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loni_w shared a tip "I read ‘The summer I turned pretty’ Trilogy and loved it❤️"

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iwapanda shared a tip "Oh, sorry I haven't started yet. I'm still waiting for the book to arrive because I don't like the feel of ebooks."

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Shrubberry shared a tip "Love the series, not my favorite one but still loved."

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ruby_freedman shared a tip "Nope"

mackinzie_bragg shared a tip "@Domenic_R_Will I loved it all !"

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shannon_caldwell shared a tip "I love the the summer I turned pretty series from her as well!"

mia_lowe shared a tip "I was not expecting that ending! A well written ending to high-school romance."

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makayla_hawn shared a tip "Kitty"

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makayla_hawn shared a tip "She makes me laugh"

taylor_ryan_1873 shared a tip "Yes she is one of my favourite authors"

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a_jennens shared a tip "It’s just so amazing and enticing the perfect teen romance- movies out on netflix too"

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valeria_chavez shared a tip "It did disappoint a little but I think I just wanted more considering it was the last book in the series"

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lalam_ventresca shared a tip "Just finished the song of Achilles! I’m looking for some more books rn though!"

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dixie_not_dixie_dam shared a tip "You're so welcome!!"

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kristina_schernekau shared a tip "Haven't read it yet own it. I will read it soon."

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k_5925 shared a tip "Of course!"

mickayla_6737 shared a tip "It is! I hope you enjoy it :)"

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trinity_vanover_3915 shared a tip "Fs!"

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fyn_luft_vandym shared a tip "Divergent series and red queen series"

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ewelina_b shared a tip "I can't really put my finger on one 😅"

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cayenne_martin shared a tip "It’s the best book for a weekend read!"

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jayla_s shared a tip "My favorite book is it ends with us!!"

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jayla_s shared a tip "My favorite book is it ends with us!!"

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pauline_david shared a tip "I haven't read yet"

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daisy_m. shared a tip "i will always love these books :)"

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jaelyn_kriegl shared a tip "Probably Divergent! I’ve read that book at least 6 times!"

dalai_corona_camacho shared a tip "“Under the same star” by John Green"

dalai_corona_camacho shared a tip "Also it is a good book!"

tai_haley_2813 shared a tip "same it’s so good!!!"

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zoey_petersen shared a tip "These books were so quirky and cute. A nice fresh romantic read."

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abigale_mullings shared a tip "Currently reading the series 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' by Sarah J. Maas. They're really good!"

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brittany_brown_7016 shared a tip "Currently reading, haven’t put it down yet"

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audrey_james shared a tip "Reading this one right now! I should be finished with it in about a week!"

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4christ shared a tip "I want more😭😭"

avery_abelle shared a tip "really fast moving intertwining book!"

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claudia_koopmans shared a tip "Just finished it and was a great book. Looking forward to reading the others in the series."

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gabby_9349 shared a tip "I loved the series so much, might re read soon"

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rachael_barrows shared a tip "Yes! So good."

paulina_orozco shared a tip "I loved the Spanish love deception and I am currently reading the love hypothesis and I’m enjoying it so far"

eliana_muller shared a tip "That one is my favorite"

klaudia_brozek shared a tip "Yes! Such a fun read. I’ve reread this whole series at least 3 times!"

star_6768 shared a tip "In this series, the third book, which I believe is this one, is my favorite"

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ginger_white shared a tip "I recommend to read ps I still love you"

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dhrashti_doshi shared a tip "Read the love hypothesis and currently reading one summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan"

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